Castlewood Eating Disorder Treatment Center

Stabilization Program

Castlewood Treatment Center is pleased to offer a CBT/DBT Stabilization Program within our Residential, and Day Treatment programs.  This clinical track is designed for clients who admit to our Residential Program and need increased focus on eating disorder or self harm symptom stabilization or who require stabilization of PTSD symptoms before they can fully take advantage of our regular programming. This track is also available for clients who are struggling with relapsing symptoms after admission into the Day Treatment level of care. We often find that clients need some time to stabilize symptoms, practice relapse prevention skills, gain mastery over grounding and containment skills, or learn emotional regulation skills either upon admission into our Residential Program or during transitions to lower levels of care. This track is designed to assist clients in gaining containment over symptoms so they may fully integrate into the Castlewood community and more fully participate in all programming. While participating in the stabilization program, clients focus on learning, developing, and implementing various skills such as taking self responsibility, assertiveness, and distress or emotional tolerance. Clients will also develop and implement a working relapse prevention plan that they will continue to adjust throughout their time at Castlewood.

Sample Schedules:

Stabilization Track at Castlewood II

For more information about this program please contact our intake department at 877.628.1193.

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