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Residential Eating Disorder Treatment

A Supportive, Caring Community

Castlewood Treatment Centers has three residential treatment facilities, each with its own clinical staff, unique look and therapeutic community. Click below for more information on each of our locations in St. Louis and Monterey. Our therapy is centered on building a consistent, collaborative individual relationship with the primary therapist, psychiatrist and dietitian. A key to our program is working with a qualified team to develop insights into the development and function of your eating disorder while incorporating new skills and behaviors into a life of balance. Our dietitians work with clients to restore normal eating that balances nourishment plus pleasure.

Residential Eating Disorder Treatment at Castlewood

Castlewood provides evidence-based and innovative residential eating disorder treatment approaches. We believe that eating disorders are the result of biological, psychological and social causes, and that clients need to understand their unique development track that has led to the need for the eating disorder. By understanding and treating the underlying issues, eating disorder recovery is more likely to be sustained long-term. Residential treatment is a more advanced level of care that provides a higher intensity of monitoring and frequency of treatment. Clients live at Castlewood, and receive an individualized care plan designed for their unique combination of needs.  Clients attend group 6-8 hours per day along with participating in 6 individual sessions with their treatment team weekly. Staff is available on-site 24 hours a day to provide monitoring and support for our residential clients. We provide care to men and women, ages 16 and up. Our eating disorder residential treatment facilities are modern, beautiful, and comfortable. All areas are designed to provide the most beneficial therapeutic environment. We also want our clients to feel at home, since residential treatment can last for several weeks. Wooded and grassy areas surround Castlewood, with many serene spaces to enjoy.

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What Our Clients Receive At Our Residential Treatment Program

Each client’s individualized care plan includes both individual and group therapy and education sessions. Individualized care plans are managed by a personal therapist and dietitian, with each client receiving additional therapy from other professional clinicians. Residential eating disorder treatment provides the time and focus to begin effective recovery.

Each client receives:

  • Four individual sessions with the primary therapist (for the first month of treatment, 3 sessions weekly after the initial month)
  • A small therapeutic community, so that peer support is intimate and effective, and therapeutic contact attentive and meaningful
  • Two weekly sessions with the primary dietitian
  • One weekly session with our staff psychiatrist
  • Levels of care that allow for increasing autonomy with continuing support
  • Excellent aftercare and alumni relations program available
  • Adjunctive individual sessions for anxiety/OCD exposure and response prevention work or adjunctive sessions for chemical dependency or other sessions as needed.
  • Individualized weekly treatment plan
  • Daily monitored weight and vital sign
  • Three staff-supported meals and post-meal processing
  • Staff-supported snacks as appropriate to the individualized meal plan
  • Weekend outings to support new skills
  • Experiential Family Week
  • On-going family therapy

Each client at Castlewood works closely with a primary team comprised of a therapist, dietitian, and staff psychiatrist. Castlewood believes that treating the medical, therapeutic, and nutritional issues of each client at the same time will provide stronger, more effective recovery.


Please click on the following links for downloadable packing lists & sample treatment schedules, and information about our other residential eating disorder treatment centers.

Residential Facilities

Castlewood has three residential treatment facilities, each with its own dedicated staff and all under the direction and leadership of our experienced clinical directors. Click below for more information on each center.

Castlewood II- St. Louis, Missouri

Monarch Cove- Monterey, California

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