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Family Week & Eating Disorder Family Support

Castlewood’s knowledgeable and caring eating disorder family support is integrated into each of our treatment tracks. At Castlewood we believe, and have seen through professional experience, that our clients have the best chance at recovery if we involve their family/support system in the treatment process. During the initial intake period at Castlewood, or professional clinicians meet with each involved family member/source of support, in order to understand their unique perspective on the client’s eating disorder, as well as their personal issues and concerns regarding the effects of eating disorder on the family as a whole. Eating disorder family support at Castlewood is multifaceted, and is provided by a multidisciplinary team. Family therapy and psycho-educational interventions are key features of family support at Castlewood. Family support is individualized to the needs of the client and family, with Family Week being a core part of the therapy process. In addition to Family Week, Castlewood also provides on-going family therapy throughout the course of treatment in all levels of care based on the client’s individual treatment plan. Depending on family members availability, these sessions may be face-to-face, over the phone or via video conference.

Family Week: An Important Part of Eating Disorder Family Support

Family Week is a 3-day long intensive eating disorder family support experience involving group, individual, and family therapy. Castlewood Treatment Center offers family week every 6 weeks for our current clients and their support systems. Clients can choose to invite parents, siblings, spouses, or anyone else they want to include in their recovery process. The staff provides psycho-educational groups for families to learn about Eating Disorders, the process of recovery, and co-morbid disorders such as Anxiety & OCD. In addition to didactic and educational sessions, families participate in intensive group therapy sessions, which help them to identify and resolve problematic family dynamics. During this three day experience, families will also meet with our therapy staff individually, and as a family, to explore how they can best support their loved one in the recovery process. Helpful documents pertaining to family week have been provided below. You can download a sample schedule of family week groups, general family week information, hotel information, and forms for participants to fill out prior to family week including a family questionnaire and visitor confidentiality agreement. In addition, we have provided some excellent reading suggestions to prepare family members for the Family Week experience.

Upcoming Family Week Dates 2018:

Missouri (Wednesday-Friday)

January 10-12

March 7-9

May 9-11

June 20-22

August 15-17

October 10-12

December 5-7

California (Tuesday-Thursday)

February 6-8

April 3-5

May 22-24

July 17-19

September 18-20

November 13-15

Alabama (Wednesday-Friday)

January 17-19

March 7-9

April 25-27

June 6-8

July 25-27

September 19-21

October 31-Nov 2

December 12-14


 Want to see what family members are saying about Castlewood Family Week's? CLICK HERE

Family and Participant Testimonials:

From a mother's perspective: "My son has struggled with an eating disorder for 30 years and Castlewood saved his life; physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  We found that there were not many treatment centers for men as eating disorders are often viewed as only a "woman's disease" and, of course, that is not true.  Castlewood treated my son with the same commitment and care as they do all their clients.  My son experienced the staff at Castlewood as knowledgeable and well-trained and, most importantly for us, he was embraced with loving compassion. I was fortunate to experience family week two times. (I highly recommend this)  I came away with a deeper understanding of eating disorders, treatment and recovery of the disease.  To become aware that the family is part of the problem and part of the solution is a significant step in recovery.  I see that this very important and meaningful experience helps me be a positive and integral part of my son's recovery. My son is recovering from his eating disorder.  He is fully functioning in the world with strength, pride and confidence.  The smile on his face comes from his healed heart.  My son and our family are blessed to have experienced Castlewood and the wonderful staff. Thank you, I am most grateful." From a siblings perspective: "Castlewood's "Family Week" gave me invaluable insight into the experience and treatment that someone with an eating disorder goes through. My sister suffers from an eating disorder and like most people my only experience with that comes from what I've seen in movies or on TV. The opportunity to see her in treatment - and take part in that treatment - provided me an opportunity not only to understand the process but to be a part of that process and help build the foundation for her recovery. Castlewood instilled strength in my sister, to open up and express herself to me in ways that she never had before. My grasp on her struggles and challenges is now deeper than I could have ever imagined prior to Family Week. Things that were right there in front of me - heavy things I did not see - are now on my radar, giving me the ability to help where before I could not. Sharing my experiences - in real-time - with other families that were going through the same or similar situations was incredibly helpful to me. Whether it was in full group meetings or the "men's group" meetings, Castlewood provided clear direction for ways that we, along with our loved ones, can make it through the process of recovery. These meetings taught me more in 60 minutes than numerous books on the subject have taught me in 6 months. In addition to gaining the tools to help make a difference. I even made a friend or two. I can't say enough about how helpful this Family Week experience was." From a mother's perspective: "I have found Family Week at Castlewood to be extremely helpful to each member of our family. It gives us a chance to explore how our family system works and how it needs to evolve to better support our daughter in her recovery process. Learning from and sharing with the other clients and their families (and their heartfelt openness) is a privilege to be a part of and a great comfort. The staff are dedicated to educating and supporting us, and most importantly letting us know that there is hope and recovery from eating disorders."
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