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Day Treatment

Castlewood offers a full spectrum of care in our St. Louis & Monterey locations. Our Day Treatment program is open to clients who require more than intensive outpatient treatment, but who may be able to meet their treatment goals without a residential stay or overnight supervision. Castlewood provides transitional living for this level of care at no additional cost. 

The program is available on either a 5- or 7-day basis depending on the client’s treatment goals and needs. Clients become part of the residential therapeutic community and participate in all residential groups and programming. Depending on whether the client is in the 5- or 7-day version, each will receive the following:

  • 3-4 individual sessions with his or her primary therapist per week.
  • A weekly individual session with our psychiatrist.
  • A weekly individual session with his or her dietitian who also eats meals with clients.
  • A small, well-chosen therapeutic community.
  • Levels of care that allow for increasing autonomy with continuing support.
  • Excellent aftercare programming, including follow-up visits offered at Castlewood.
  • Adjunctive individual sessions for anxiety / OCD exposure and response prevention work.
  • Individualized weekly treatment plan.
  • Daily monitored weight and vitals signs.
  • 3 staff supported meals and post meal processing.
  • Staff supported snacks as deemed by your individualized meal plan.
  • Weekend outings with staff.
  • Family Therapy and participation in our Family Week.

Day Treatment is often the treatment of choice when a program of intensive outpatient care has not been adequate in assisting the client to reach and/or maintain treatment goals. Day Treatment may also be an option for those without Residential Treatment insurance benefits.

For more information about our Day Treatment Program please contact us at Castlewood Treatment Center.

Additional Day Treatment Programs:

Castlewood also offer day treatment programs in Monterey, California with Monarch Cove Treatment Center and in Birmingham, Alabama with the Highlands Treatment Center.

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