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Editorial Response from a Castlewood Alumni

Editorial Response from a Former Castlewood Client to the writer of a St. Louis Post Dispatch article: I  am a former patient of Castlewood. I entered inpatient treatment when I was 16 years old for anorexia. I had a severe eating disorder that hit fast and hard. Had I not received treatment, I would have died. With that being said, I truly believe Castlewood is the reason I am alive and well today. I am currently a 19 year old sophomore. I attend Saint Louis University School of Nursing. I read your article about women accusing a therapist at Castlewood of implanting memories, etc. I appreciate that…

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Theresa Chesnut to Speak at Erin Leah Robarge Memorial Seminar

Theresa Chesnut, LCSW, lead Eating Disorder therapist at Castlewood Treatment Center will be the keynote lecture at the 12th annual Erin Leah Robarge Memorial Seminar on December 2, 2011. The topic for the seminar is exploring effective therapeutic approaches for Eating Disorders. Theresa plans to discuss Internal Family Systems Therapy and its use with those suffering from Eating Disorders. The IFS model is a way for clients to understand and integrate neglected or traumatized parts of themselves so that the Eating Disorder can loosen its grip. It provides a way of interacting with the Eating Disorder so that one can…

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