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Family Week Survey Results

Family is integral to what we do here at Castlewood. We take it seriously that the latest research supports that outcomes are improved with the inclusion of families because it is serious, and so important to the hard work of recovery. Those who are battling an eating disorder and attempting to start a new life of freedom, health, and wholeness need all the love and support they can get, and family support is the most important of all. For this reason, we have a regular family therapy and Family Week here at Castlewood; each Family Week event lasts for three…

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Can You Break the Cycle if an Eating Disorder “Runs in the Family”?

Guest Post by Katie Thompson, LPC, NCC, CEDS Eating disorders are influenced by many factors. Two common factors are: Genetics Environmental dynamics experienced by a person It is not always easy to flush out whether the genetics or the familial environment is the origin of the eating disorder struggle. A Closer Look at Environmental Dynamics: Stepping Outside the Cycle of Blame If a person comes from a family in which others struggle with an eating disorder (or is exposed to eating disorder behaviors), the first intervention is to step out of the cycle of blame if it is part of…

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How to Help a Friend With an Eating Disorder

How to Help a Friend with an Eating Disorder

While many of us dread hearing the words “we need to have a talk,” if you’re helping a friend with an eating disorder, you may find yourself on the delivering end of this statement. When noticing a friend or loved one who may be struggling with disordered eating behaviors, our first impulse is to help, bust since mental health issues can be so emotionally charged, it’s important to be prepared. Eating disorders are a serious concern, causing heart failure, electrolyte imbalances, gastric ruptures, and have a higher death rate than any other mental illness. Before confronting someone you’re concerned about,…

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Supporting Each Other—Family Week Is Almost Here!

Castlewood’s next Family Week is coming up on February 25-27, 2014. Many family members are nervous about attending their first Family Week experience. One of the common reasons expressed is that everyone may perceive them as the reason for their loved ones eating disorder. Nothing could be further from the truth, and research backs this up! Family support in recovery is essential! The Academy of Eating Disorders (AED) issued an important position paper for physicians on the role of family in eating disorders. The bottom line: families are a critical part of the recovery and treatment process for those with…

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Taking the Blame

In over 10 years of working with eating disorders, I can clearly state this fact: I have never seen one case of an eating disorder that could be attributed solely to the family. But this is a very hard thing for many to believe. Parents and other family members often come to Castlewood with deep feelings of shame, guilt, and sadness around the idea that they are the cause of their loved ones eating disorder. This is just not true. Many things go into a person needing an eating disorder in their life. It is very much a case of…

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Castlewood Family Week

Castlewood will be hosting one of our regularly scheduled Family Weeks starting November 6th. We are excited to welcome families into Castlewood Treatment Center to help them gain the tools necessary to be effectively involved in their loved one’s recovery. At Castlewood, we know how important family is to recovery. Family members can become strong advocates for the patient and assist them in navigating through the process of recovery and life integration. Healthy family communication and boundaries are important to insure lasting recovery. In order to incorporate families into the treatment process, we host events like family week, where we…

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In Their Own Words: Family Week

After every family week we survey the families to find out their impressions of our family week event. They always share such insightful and wonderful feedback, we thought we would share some of it with you! Castlewood family week occurs every six weeks. It is a three day intensive therapeutic process involving group therapy, individual therapy and family therapy. It is our philosophy that the family or support system must be involved in the therapeutic process for lasting change to occur. Our clients always share that they benefit greatly from family week and learning to involve their support system int…

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