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Diet Chatter

Living in this world and trying not to be defined by what you eat or the size of your body is really hard. The diet talk is everywhere we look. Whether you’re scrolling through Instagram, glancing at magazine covers while standing at the grocery store check-out, talking to co-workers in the break room, or watching the commercials during your favorite show, you’re bound to run into disordered messages. And then when we throw an eating disorder into the mix, things get really messy. The ED turns the volume way up on the disordered thoughts and completely tunes you out from…

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Happy Registered Dietitian Day!

During a rotation of my dietetic internship, a preceptor asked me, “What is your nutritional philosophy? Before you start to practice, you should know where you are coming from.” Her words have stayed with me as I have pursued my career path into Eating Disorder treatment. I believe in helping a client navigate his or her individual path to embrace the idea that all foods fit and to seek balance, nourishment, and eventually joy from the foods they eat. What about Castlewood’s Nutritional Philosophy? So often with my clients, I see a struggle to find balance among the rigidity and…

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National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month! Its focus is to put attention on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits. Whether it’s starting the day off right with a healthy breakfast or fueling before an athletic event, the foods you choose can make a real difference. Preparing your foods to go further, by planning meals and snacks in advance can also help to reduce food loss and waste. The nutritional experts at Castlewood are excited to share their thoughts, news and updates during National Nutrition Month. What is a diet? Google defines the…

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Much More than Food: Chef Mary’s Holiday Favorite

Chef Mary Russo at Castlewood’s Monarch Cove location was recently promoted to National Director, Culinary Services. She uses her expertise in crafting delicious and nutritionally balanced meals to help our clients restore healthy relationships with food. The holidays are finally here! For me, as for many people, holiday traditions and memories are tightly intertwined with special meals and exceptional foods. In fact, my love for cooking developed over years of preparing meals for holidays, parties and other family gatherings. It’s not only the food, but also the movement of hearts and minds at dinner tables that makes cooking such a…

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Castlewood Cooking Experiences:  Balancing Nourishment and Pleasure with Chef Mary

Introducing Chef Mary at Castlewood Treatment Center at Monarch Cove   What do you love most about working at Monarch Cove? Being able to utilize the creativity and artistry of cooking to develop my craft on an ongoing basis is something that I’m grateful for every day. What I love most about working at Monarch Cove is that I’m able to use that daily inspiration to nourish our clients and be instrumental in developing or restoring their relationship with food. What made you decide to become a Chef? I’ve always been someone who wanted to cook. I spent many years…

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Tuesdays With Tammy: Balancing Nourishment and Pleasure

At Castlewood, we believe that balancing nourishment and pleasure respects both health and taste. Respecting your health embraces fueling the body with a variety of food that provides carbohydrate energy, protein building blocks, and foundation fats. Respecting your taste embraces enjoyment of food as equally valuable and important. Perfection is not necessary or required to respect your health and nourish your body because our bodies have an amazing capability of balancing. Example: If we do not put enough water from the outside in, our body will balance by holding more fluids from the inside out.  Another example: If we eat…

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When is it safe to exercise once you are close to your maintenance weight?

Great question, but not an easy answer. Bottom line: only your treatment team can answer that question for you specifically, based on your personal history, the eating disorder behaviors that you used most frequently, your weight patterns before, during and after eating disorder behaviors, and your recovery journey itself. But let’s talk about why… Physical activity has many positive benefits for both physical and mental well-being, all supported by research; however, the negative consequences that occur when physical activity becomes dysfunctional are also many, and supported by research. (Calogero, R and Pedrotty-Stump, K (2010). Incorporating exercise into eating disorder treatment…

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How can I stay focused on recovery when all I hear is, “What are you doing for Thanksgiving?

No matter how grounded you may feel in your recovery journey, the holiday season can add stress and anxiety surrounding family dynamics and the abundance of foods. Now is the time to make a recovery plan for the holidays, starting with Thanksgiving.  This is an important time to remind yourself of how far you have come in your journey. No positive change you have made in either thought patterns or food-related behaviors is too small.  Every tiny step you have made towards full recovery is significant, and each one builds on the next to create a solid foundation of recovery…

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Why does my body need food that provides fat? What does fat fuel do for you?

This nutrient group gets a negative rap simply because of its name. Many clients believe that “if I eat fat, I will be fat”. That voice? The disordered eating, not the truth. This fuel group serves many important functions in your body, especially during the recovery process. Fat fuel actually provides the structural foundation of our brain cells, nerve cells and hormones. The brain, nerve and hormonal cells are all made up of a combination of proteins and fats – literally, the foundational structure of the cells themselves. Other work functions of this fuel group: Provides linoleic acid, an essential…

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