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How Transgender Identity May Compound Eating Disorder Symptoms

Contrary to popular perception, eating disorders are not fundamentally about food, or even about weight. They have more to do with distorted self-image. This is something that can often be compounded for those in the LGBT community, and for transgender individuals in particular. A lot of this pertains to lingering social stigma concerning transgender identity. For example, those in the LGBT community may have deep fears about coming out—fears that they will not be accepted by their friends and loved ones. This can play into their self-image and compound issues with eating. Additionally, it is hardly uncommon for those with…

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Why is Mental and Emotional Health Important to Recovery?

When someone goes through substance abuse treatment, gets clean and sober, and begins their journey in recovery, they’ve been cleansed of the drugs or alcohol that was in their system; they haven’t lost their personalities or miraculously had all their problems vanish once they got out of treatment. “You’re learning how to face life without a substance now,” Alexis Thomas, M.S., LMHC, CTRS, and Therapist Team Lead for Lakeview Health explains. “Once a client is clean of off drugs and alcohol they can begin to clearly see their problems areas. Be it anxiety, depression, anger etc., they work on coping…

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