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The season finale of the Biggest Loser has sparked considerable discussion

Case In Point: Biggest Loser

The season finale of the Biggest Loser has sparked considerable discussion.  As part of a team who helps people with eating disorders transform to healthier lives, I would like to add my voice to the conversation. The goal of getting healthier is a good one—but every day we see what happens when the drive to get healthier backfires into self-destructive behaviors. The fact that Rachel lost over 59% of her body weight in seven months isn’t healthy.  Exercising to extremes isn’t healthy. And societal pressures to be thin aren’t healthy. It is one of our goals at Castlewood Treatment Center…

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Eating Disorder Community Unites to End Weight-Based Bullying, Hopes to Involve First Lady Michelle Obama

An online petition asking First Lady Michelle Obama to decline her appearance on ‘The Biggest Loser’ television show has been posted on in order to end weight-based bullying. Castlewood is proud to participate in the efforts to stop weight based bullying. We are participating through social media and blogging to support the important message that the First Lady should not endorse The Biggest Loser and its weight stigma and shaming tactics. In an email to those in the eating disorder community Lizabeth Wesely-Casella, Founder of lead the charge by stating, “weight based stigmatization & bullying will no longer be…

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