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Athletes Under Pressure: An Everyday Struggle

By any standard, Gracie Gold is an accomplished skater and an admirable athlete—yet her 2016 hasn’t been quite as smooth as she may have hoped. Gold recently came in fifth place at this year’s Skate America competition, certainly nothing to sneeze at but also not quite the victory she might have imagined. What’s more troubling, though, is her ongoing struggle with body image, weight perceptions, and the pressure imposed by athletic competition. Under Pressure To her credit, Gold has opened up about these issues and really done a lot to fight back against the stigma that so often accompanies discussion…

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The Perfectly Imperfect Road of Recovery

We often hear recovery stories once the battle is over and in the best possible light. It’s inspiring to see strong men and women who have struggled with an eating disorder and have come through their experience with hope and insight. Still, while it’s phenomenal to see the changes that take place with a good program, it’s equally important to remember recovery doesn’t always mean everything is always perfect or that is comes without stumbling. Undefeated MMA champ, Ronda Rousey, is an excellent example of this. She recently described her own struggles with an eating disorder. When she dropped out…

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Singer Lorde Reigns in Media Influence on Body Image

Though still in her teens, Lorde has managed to take a very sophisticated stance on media influence on body image that has become a fantastic example to young women. The New Zealand high-school student, whose real name is Ella Yelich-O’Connor, has been a fast success in an industry notorious for exploiting young talent. But the self-aware and confidant teenager has already begun blazing her own trail; making Forbes list of: “30 Under 30” (young people) “who are changing our world,” and Time magazines list of “The 25 Most Influential Teens of 2014.” Lorde is a self-identified feminist, who told Teen…

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5 Women Who Boldly Embrace Their Body Image

Inspired Acceptance: 5 Women Who Boldly Embrace Their Body Image

At times, the media can portray an unrealistic and even unattainable body image. Fortunately, there are a handful of celebrities who encourage us to embrace our body image, regardless of our body type. These five celebrities are proud of their bodies, and are encouraging everyone to accept their figures. Mindy Kaling Television actress Mindy Kaling does not strive for perfection, at least not when it comes to her body. She believes that the human body in imperfect, and that being perfect is a goal no one should strive for. In an interview with Vogue, she commented, “I’m constantly in a state…

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Singer Kesha Faces Her Eating Disorder Head On

Kesha is direct. Singing and writing songs since she was in her teens, her lyrics are open about actions and feelings. Underlying those lyrics was an unspoken personal experience, her battle with an eating disorder. “I decided to face my problem head-on,” she relates. “My whole message is to love who you are, and accept all of your beautiful imperfections. When I felt I was slipping into unloving territory with myself, I knew I had to listen to my own advice and correct it.” Going to rehab was hard for Kesha. Not a surprising statement. Anyone who has been to…

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Dani Plantz Wins a Strong Vote in SYTYCD Auditions

Auditions for the newest season of So You Think You Can Dance began on a strong note with the performance of 18 year old dancer Dani Plantz. Introducing her audition, the California native spoke about a two year period of her life where she was unable to dance because of her eating disorder. Her performance beautifully illustrates her strength and skill as a dancer while communicating her awakening in recovery. In her introduction, Dani describes how she became judgmental of herself in her teens, believing she wasn’t good enough, and lacking appreciation for her life. She became so unhealthy she…

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Kimi about her experience on Katie Couric

There Is Freedom: Castlewood Alumna Shares Her Story of Recovery on the Katie Couric Show

If someone had told me five years ago that I would be a guest on the Katie Couric Show to discuss my journey with an eating disorder I would have laughed. In fact, if anyone had told me I would be healthy rather than plagued by the intense fear of gaining weight or consumed by thoughts of negativity, I would have laughed. I don’t think that words can do justice to the depths of the darkness that I, or anyone else who has experienced an eating disorder, lived in daily. But I hope that the experience that I had in…

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Lammily, The New Girl on the Block Helps Girl’s Body Image

Lammily, The New Girl on the Block Helps Girl’s Body Image

Over the last three decades, dolls reflecting an American girl’s body image in regard to culture and skin color have become more readily available in the mass market. While Barbie has modernized her career choices, when translated into a real young woman she still plots out at 5’9” tall, with a 36” bust, 18” waist, 33” hips, and a 9” neck. Average body proportions? Not on this planet. So, welcome Lammily! Lammily is the brainchild of Philadelphia graphic artist and researcher Nicolay Lamm. While his original intent was to create a Barbie-like doll that reflected the average American 19 year…

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Lady Gaga’s Latest Stunt Distorts her Message - Vomit Artist

Lady Gaga’s Latest Stunt Distorts her Message

Lady Gaga is a performer known for her flamboyant style and over the top performances. She has earned a wealth of devoted fans by always rising to the occasion to shock and outrage in an industry built by mostly clean-cut, sensationalized, image-driven stars. Her recent performance at the Doritos #BoldStage concert series at SXSW may have trumped her previous antics. While performing the song “Swine” from her newest album, ARTPOP, Gaga introduced performance artist Millie Brown who “vomit paints” with colored milk. Millie induced vomiting all over Lady Gaga throughout the entire song, while atop a slowly rotating mechanical bull/…

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Staying Strong – Demi Lovato - A Role Model and Advocate for Eating Disorder Strugglers

Staying Strong – Demi Lovato: A Role Model and Advocate for Eating Disorder Strugglers

Demi Lovato made her childhood acting debut in Barney & Friends and has gone on to pave her way in the entertainment industry as an actress and platinum-selling musical recording artist.  And, now she also adds inspirational author to her resume.  To those suffering from substance addiction and other mental health challenges -such as eating disorders – Lovato has come to stand for so much more. She is a fighter, survivor, mentor, advocate and role model. Lovato is tirelessly working to encourage women to speak up about their inner struggles with body image, and to help remove the stigma associated…

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