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Being an Advocate for Recovery

Having walked through the journey of treatment for an eating disorder, finding lasting results is truly a gift. The transformation from having poor physical and emotional health to finding freedom and strength provides an opportunity to grow and positively impact the life of others. Part of participating in recovery may be attending support groups within the community and meeting individuals who are still looking for direction. When encountering someone who you see struggling with similar disordered eating patterns, you have the chance to share with them your first-hand experience about your recovery and what’s been helpful for you. However uncomfortable…

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Learning to Give Back

Looking back from our 15th anniversary since opening, we are grateful to see the impact developing effective treatment and promoting recovery and advocacy has had in the eating disorder community. Through innovative techniques and dedication to understanding and enhancing treatment, Castlewood has become a leader in the field of eating disorder recovery. Through ongoing commitment to research and our strength for leadership, advocacy and collaboration have been vital aspects of our progress. As part of reaching out to preferred providers across the country, Castlewood has offered monthly webinars providing quality continuing education. The webinars are similar to seminars, transmitted through…

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Making a Change with Process Orientated Groups

Castlewood’s 15 years of experience have demonstrated that our clients have the greatest chance for recovery when we involve both the individual and their family or support system in an in depth level of communication and therapy. Beginning at intake, Castlewood’s professional clinicians meet with clients and each involved family member or source of support. Through understanding perspectives of the eating disorder, as well as personal issues and concerns regarding the effects, our treatment approach centers on bringing about lasting changes in recovery. In our treatment setting, clients take part in Agenda Lead Groups, where they have an opportunity to…

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The Empowerment Approach to Treatment

The last 15 years have given Castlewood the experience to appropriately empower our clientele to take recovery into their own hands. Our treatment goal is to promote a recovery that is self-sustaining, out of the treatment setting and into real-life. The environment and support at Castlewood provides the foundation for taking charge of a healthy and fulfilling life again. The empowerment approach to treatment means our clients are part of the treatment process. They create their own assignments, are a part of the pre-contract, and discuss in an open setting their accomplishments. Client’s cell phones or computers are not taken…

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15 Years of Recovery through a Strong Clinical Philosophy

Throughout the course of Castlewood’s history, our clinical philosophy has been integral in providing high quality care for individuals with eating disorders and associated mental health conditions. Through stabilization, processing and integration, individualized modalities are specifically tailored for each stage, integrating the work done through the treatment process back into real life, and creating meaning that translates outside the treatment facility. Through the stabilization program, clients are able to focus on learning, developing, and implementing various skills such as relapse prevention, gaining mastery over grounding and containment, or learning emotional regulation techniques. Stabilization allows clients to gain containment over symptoms,…

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Castlewood’s Integrative Environment

One of the distinctions Castlewood has made a valuable aspect of our recovery philosophy over the last 15 years is our integrative treatment environment. All our facilities are gender neutral, and all diagnosis interact and are treated together. The importance of this lies in allowing individuals to deal with feelings, possible triggers and concerns they may have, out in the open. In everyday life there may exist issues an individual has with people of a different gender, body type or mental health condition. By creating a real life environment with the safety and guidance of professional staff, it’s possible for…

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The Castlewood Difference: Treating the Whole Person

Throughout Castlewood’s 15 years in the field of eating disorder recovery, our mission has been to treat individual clients, taking into account the whole person; body, mind, spirit and all aspects of lifestyle. Through recognizing how an eating disorder may affect other areas of an individual’s life, it’s possible to provide a truly individualized continuum of care which sustains long lasting results. The Castlewood Difference is illustrated through the relationship between the client, therapist, medical practitioners, and nutritionists, where the goal is the client’s health and well-being. At Castlewood, co-occurring trauma, mental health conditions and addictions can be evaluated for…

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Castlewood’s Innovative Full Continuum of Care

In celebrating Castlewood’s 15th anniversary, we are taking the time to acknowledge what has been so significant in shaping our center as a leader in the field of eating disorder recovery. Looking back on the progress which has been made for recovery and advocacy, we are grateful to have been a part of important changes. When CARF International released new standards for accreditation of programs treating persons with eating disorders, this specialization was first awarded to Castlewood. The change came as a result of adjustments in the Behavioral Health Standards Manual, which was an important step in safeguarding individuals with…

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Celebrating 15 years of Individually Tailored Treatment

Approaching our 15th anniversary since opening, Castlewood has taken the opportunity to take a look back on how far we have come, developing effective treatment and promoting recovery and advocacy. Through a dedication to high quality care and the success of our clients, Castlewood has been in a position to become a leader in the field of eating disorder treatment, and a center for excellence. Experience over the years has taught us that our clients defy simple categorization or a standardized therapy modality. Eating disorders are both psychological health and physical health issues, and require more than just weight gain…

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