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News, ideas, research, personal experiences. This is what Castlewood’s Body Image Blog is all about! “Image” and “imagine” aren’t that far apart. Imagine yourself being powerful, strong, and uniquely graceful. Imagine a life where public pressures and private fears about body image aren’t the painful and destructive focus of daily life. Share your reactions and your concerns about the powerful force of body image.

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Eating Disorders Among Minorities

Eating disorders come with a stereotype, and that is the image of a young white girl. A primary reason why eating disorders appeared to be restricted to white women seems to be that white women were the only people participating in the studies. The landscape of eating disorders is changing as more minorities are being studied and the common misperception that minority women have a cultural immunity to developing eating disorders is dispelled. African American women struggle with eating disorders.  Patricia, a 26-year-old student, struggles with daily binging followed by vomiting and laxative abuse. She is not unique. “Nearly 8…

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Surviving an Eating Disorder

For many who struggle with an eating disorder, there can times when it’s not clear if they’re going to make it. Despite this, people sometimes still think of anorexia like a phase. Anorexia Nervosa is a very serious mental illness that carries with it dramatic physical effects and catastrophic mental and emotional distress. Alicia Nickelson, who shared her story with the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, can attest to the seriousness of the condition. Officially diagnosed at the age of 15, she can date her behaviors back to age 12 when she began limiting sugars and fatty…

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Body Image and the Power of Self-Talk Why Saying is Believing

A person’s body image, however it falls along the spectrum from negative to positive, is shaped by a variety of factors, some of which can be controlled. A positive body image is being able to perceive ourselves how we actually are, and enjoy our body just as it is. For many, this is easier said than done. Research has shown that from a neuroscience perspective, positive self-talk is like internal restructuring. Psychologist and clinical director at the Center for Weight and Eating Disorders at the University of Pennsylvania, David Sarwer, says one of the first tools he uses with patients…

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The New Airbrush

Recently an online essay highlighted a photo shoot of actress Ellen Barkin. The interesting part—the photos were shot from a #NoFilter perspective. Ellen stated bluntly “these dark circles under my eyes, I have them, that’s me.” Honest, authentic, #NoFilter. A quick snippet by the author also made an impression: “Confidence and being yourself, it’s the new airbrush.” #NoFilter is about positive body image. But it isn’t about beauty or ideas of beauty. At Castlewood, we want everyone to grab onto the #NoFilter campaign as a way to be fully authentic, and celebrate what his or her body can do for…

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#NoFilter Required

Focus on the real you, #NoFilter required. This empowering statement is making a difference, and it began right here at Castlewood Treatment Center in St. Louis. The #NoFilter movement has some close-to-home roots. We are honored to share the recovery journey of so many wonderful people and families. As both treatment professionals and fellow sojourners of life, it was painful to see how detrimental the filtering of photos and experiences can be. We started with a simple mall banner, primarily focusing on getting the word out to those who needed help with an eating disorder. As the conversations began, and…

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#NoFilter #CWRecovery #AllianceforEDA

Castlewood Partners with The Alliance for Eating Disorder Awareness

This month, Castlewood announced a partnership with The Alliance for Eating Disorder Awareness that highlights Castlewood’s on-going #NoFilter campaign. Castlewood, in their partnership with The Alliance, will be promoting The Alliance’s 4rth annual “Celebrate Everybody” walk, which kicks off February 28th. The walk will also feature Castlewood’s ongoing and highly successful #NoFilter campaign that encourages individuals to embrace life, the good with the bad, and accept that we’re not perfect. To support that message, as part of the events at this year’s fundraising and awareness walk, participants will be able to step into a striking #NoFilter frame to take impromptu…

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How Body Image Changes in People with PTSD

Trauma and PTSD can affect self-esteem, body image and the ability to manage intimacy in healthy relationships. People who have experienced trauma may find themselves having difficulties if that trauma is not thoroughly addressed, and it can be disruptive to mental health. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD can create a dissociative relationship an individual has with their body, an automatic effort of the mind to protect a person from the trauma they’ve experienced. Many survivors of trauma can be easily startled or fearful and preoccupied with distressful memories and thoughts about the event. They may begin to be reluctant to…

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Inside the Mind of Anorexia: How Anorexia Nervosa Manipulates the Mind

A typically healthy person may have difficulty understanding someone who is suffering from anorexia – after all, why would anyone want to consciously starve themselves? It’s critical, then, that an understanding of the way anorexia manipulates the mind and causes issues with body image acceptance, be achieved in order to better understand such patients. Developing an understanding also helps avoid pushing them even further into their illness. Anyone suffering from issues stemming from body image acceptance has difficulty correlating the person they see in the mirror with the person they see in their head. The version of themselves that exists internally will…

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5 Women Who Boldly Embrace Their Body Image

Inspired Acceptance: 5 Women Who Boldly Embrace Their Body Image

At times, the media can portray an unrealistic and even unattainable body image. Fortunately, there are a handful of celebrities who encourage us to embrace our body image, regardless of our body type. These five celebrities are proud of their bodies, and are encouraging everyone to accept their figures. Mindy Kaling Television actress Mindy Kaling does not strive for perfection, at least not when it comes to her body. She believes that the human body in imperfect, and that being perfect is a goal no one should strive for. In an interview with Vogue, she commented, “I’m constantly in a state…

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The Most Important New Year’s Resolution You Can Make

Resolving to make positive body image a goal for the New Year is one we can get behind. According to the National Eating Disorder Association the ideal body weight is the weight that allows you to feel strong and energetic and lets you lead a healthy, normal life. The curve and muscle we develop provides strength to accomplish the ordinary and daily routines we keep, as well as great successes like completing a 5k. All too often we are surrounded by altered images of women where their vitality has been Photoshopped away. The beginning of the year can be a…

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