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How Benjamin O’Keefe Began a Global Dialogue: #whatisrecovery

When Benjamin O’Keefe began to encourage the sharing of eating disorder recovery stories through telling his own, he had no idea the positive effect he would have in his own life and the lives of others. Telling your story is a courageous and sometimes life changing act. Eating disorder stories can be particularly challenging because it requires facing emotions and the person we once were. Benjamin’s struggle is not uncommon, although it is unique. He describes growing up being put down for his size, believing his worth was dependent on how he looked. He began restraining his eating to the…

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Castlewood Announces Staff Additions and Promotions

Castlewood is pleased to announce the promotion of Deana Wilson and the addition of Dana Suitor. Deana Wilson has been promoted to Director of Intake for Castlewood Treatment Centers. Now residing in St. Louis, she will oversee the intake team, working directly with potential clients to guide them from inquiries to admittance.  In addition, she will continue building relationships with eating disorder professionals. “This new role allows me to be onsite and have a more hands-on approach to client access and care,” said Deana. “I am especially eager to incorporate the feedback and best practices I have learned from professionals…

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Kimi about her experience on Katie Couric

There Is Freedom: Castlewood Alumna Shares Her Story of Recovery on the Katie Couric Show

If someone had told me five years ago that I would be a guest on the Katie Couric Show to discuss my journey with an eating disorder I would have laughed. In fact, if anyone had told me I would be healthy rather than plagued by the intense fear of gaining weight or consumed by thoughts of negativity, I would have laughed. I don’t think that words can do justice to the depths of the darkness that I, or anyone else who has experienced an eating disorder, lived in daily. But I hope that the experience that I had in…

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Castlewood Offers New Outpatient Services

Castlewood will soon be offering outpatient therapy sessions. The new sessions are designed to provide flexible options to individuals and families struggling with an eating disorder. Only about 10 percent of individuals in need of treatment for an eating disorder actually receive the help they need. For many of those that don’t seek treatment, time or schedule restraints are often factors that keep them away. The outpatient therapy sessions at Castlewood will give individuals and families convenient options for getting help. The outpatient services will begin later this month. An eating disorder support group for families will be held on…

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Monarch Cove residential eating disorder treatment

Consortium Goal to Increase Access to Quality Residential Care

REDC, The Residential Eating Disorder Consortium (REDC) was formed in 2011 to help those with eating disorders have increased access to residential eating disorder treatment programs, and Castlewood is proud to be one of the founding members of REDC. One of the major reasons that REDC was created was due to a change in insurance guidelines that stopped residential treatment for mental health issues. Eating disorders were not covered under this rule, and clients were no longer able to get the level of monitoring, structure and intensity of therapy that is a critical part of residential eating disorder treatment. This…

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Staying Strong – Demi Lovato - A Role Model and Advocate for Eating Disorder Strugglers

Staying Strong – Demi Lovato: A Role Model and Advocate for Eating Disorder Strugglers

Demi Lovato made her childhood acting debut in Barney & Friends and has gone on to pave her way in the entertainment industry as an actress and platinum-selling musical recording artist.  And, now she also adds inspirational author to her resume.  To those suffering from substance addiction and other mental health challenges -such as eating disorders – Lovato has come to stand for so much more. She is a fighter, survivor, mentor, advocate and role model. Lovato is tirelessly working to encourage women to speak up about their inner struggles with body image, and to help remove the stigma associated…

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Advanced-level Webinar (with CEUs) for Professionals March 12th

Nancy Albus, LPC, NCC, CEDS, Castlewood’s CEO and a nationally recognized expert on eating disorders, will present a webinar for professionals this month titled “A Treatment Approach Directed toward Identity Development, Relationship Transformation and Sexuality in the Eating Disorder Client.” This advanced-level seminar is based on current research suggesting that those with eating disorders often experience difficulties in intimacy, relationships and identity development. Case studies will be presented, and participants provided with interventions that may be useful in helping clients in relapse prevention strategies. Professionals who work with clients struggling with all type of eating disorders are invited to attend…

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Local Blogger Attends Conference

Local Blogger Attends Monarch Cove’s Eating Disorder Workshop

Joe Kelly, a father, husband, author, speaker, and blogger, recently attended Monarch Cove’s Preferred Provider Workshop. He took some thoughts away from the conference, and shared them with his online community in a blog last week. Nancy Albus spoke at the conference about love and relationships. At one point, she stressed the importance of talking to family members – male family members in particular- of eating disorder clients. Nancy gave real life examples of times therapists needed information, and the only person that could give her that information besides the client, was their partner. Joe went on to say in his…

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Working at Castlewood Treatment Center

Recently one of our dedicated primary therapists, Steve Buchheit, M.Ed, LPC, reflected on his time as a therapist at Castlewood Treatment Center for Eating Disorders. “I wanted to write about my experience as a therapist and as a primary therapist at Castlewood.  Since completing graduate school 10 years ago,  I have worked in several other treatment centers,  each of which was for chemical dependency treatment.  I learned a lot in those years especially about the importance of working through the deeper issues in order to see long term remission of symptoms.  I feel good about the depth of the work…

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Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2014 at Castlewood

Castlewood will be observing Eating Disorder Awareness Week (EDAW) with the rest of the country February 23rd – March 1st, 2014. The week-long event encourages individuals, families, and treatment providers to spread the word about the warning signs and the impacts of eating disorders. To celebrate the week, Castlewood has a number of events planned. Kicking off the week a day early, Castlewood will host an alumni event on Saturday, February 22, during which time alumni are invited back to the facility to celebrate their recovery and encourage others. Then, two alumni of Castlewood, as well as the Alumni Group…

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