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Non-Shaming Ways to Promote Anti-Obesity

There is growing concern among those that treat Eating Disorders regarding recent anti-obesity campaigns, particularly one being use by Children’s Health Care of Atlanta (CHOA). The CHOA advertising campaign is shaming and stigmatizing of children who are overweight. It is not encouraging healthy balance, not encouraging healthy eating habits, it simply is public bullying.  It speaks to the shaming and stigmatizing nature of our media and culture when it comes to weight. The National Eating Disorders Association as well as the Academy of Eating Disorders have issues statements encouraging CHOA to pull the advertising campaign and re-evaluate their message. While…

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Jenni Schaefer

Jenni Schaefer suffered from an eating disorder for most of her adolescence and early adulthood. She now dedicates herself to speaking internationally about recovery from Eating Disorders and how to really live a life in full recovery. Jenni has changed the face of advocacy for Eating Disorders, as well as redefined the recovery process and for that we at Castlewood, salute her. In her most recent book, Goodbye Ed, Hello Me: Recover from Your Eating Disorder and Fall in Love with Life (McGraw-Hill), Jenni helps illuminate the process of moving from just being in recovery to living a full and balanced life. This…

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Health Versus Weight?

A recent magazine article featuring plus sized models has stirred quite the controversy in the fashion world. The article claims that most runway models meet the BMI criteria for Anorexia. This article also features provocative images of plus sized models and challenges the fashion industries preference for stick thin models. Obviously we could not agree more that it would serve all of us if fashion magazines and society in general accepted diverse body types, and welcomed this diversity into the media and culture. The magazine spread itself is interesting, but not what is most interesting to us. What is most interesting to us are…

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Former Client Wins Battle with Insurance Company

In August, the California Ninth Circuit Appeals judges, ruled that residential treatment was medically necessary for eating disorders, and therefore had to be covered under the state’s parity law, even if no exact equivalent existed on the physical disease side. “Some medically necessary treatments for severe mental illness have no analog in treatments for physical illnesses,” the three-judge panel wrote. “For example, it makes no sense in a case such as Harlick’s to pay for 100 days in a skilled nursing facility — which cannot effectively treat her anorexia nervosa — but not to pay for time in a residential treatment…

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Editorial Response from a Castlewood Alumni

Editorial Response from a Former Castlewood Client to the writer of a St. Louis Post Dispatch article: I  am a former patient of Castlewood. I entered inpatient treatment when I was 16 years old for anorexia. I had a severe eating disorder that hit fast and hard. Had I not received treatment, I would have died. With that being said, I truly believe Castlewood is the reason I am alive and well today. I am currently a 19 year old sophomore. I attend Saint Louis University School of Nursing. I read your article about women accusing a therapist at Castlewood of implanting memories, etc. I appreciate that…

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