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Kimi about her experience on Katie Couric

There Is Freedom: Castlewood Alumna Shares Her Story of Recovery on the Katie Couric Show

If someone had told me five years ago that I would be a guest on the Katie Couric Show to discuss my journey with an eating disorder I would have laughed. In fact, if anyone had told me I would be healthy rather than plagued by the intense fear of gaining weight or consumed by thoughts of negativity, I would have laughed. I don’t think that words can do justice to the depths of the darkness that I, or anyone else who has experienced an eating disorder, lived in daily. But I hope that the experience that I had in…

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Castlewood Offers New Outpatient Services

Castlewood will soon be offering outpatient therapy sessions. The new sessions are designed to provide flexible options to individuals and families struggling with an eating disorder. Only about 10 percent of individuals in need of treatment for an eating disorder actually receive the help they need. For many of those that don’t seek treatment, time or schedule restraints are often factors that keep them away. The outpatient therapy sessions at Castlewood will give individuals and families convenient options for getting help. The outpatient services will begin later this month. An eating disorder support group for families will be held on…

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Local Blogger Attends Conference

Local Blogger Attends Monarch Cove’s Eating Disorder Workshop

Joe Kelly, a father, husband, author, speaker, and blogger, recently attended Monarch Cove’s Preferred Provider Workshop. He took some thoughts away from the conference, and shared them with his online community in a blog last week. Nancy Albus spoke at the conference about love and relationships. At one point, she stressed the importance of talking to family members – male family members in particular- of eating disorder clients. Nancy gave real life examples of times therapists needed information, and the only person that could give her that information besides the client, was their partner. Joe went on to say in his…

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Male Eating Disorders on the Rise

Even though many organizations are working to create public awareness about eating disorders, there is still much stigma and shame surrounding males seeking help for eating disorders. At Castlewood, we are working to eliminate as many of the barriers surrounding male seeking eating disorder treatment. One way we help encourage men to seek treatment is to create a community of male clients and former clients who are willing to talk to those considering treatment. This community provides a strong support system and advocacy to men, because they understand firsthand the struggle and the difficulty to reach out for help. They…

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IFS Conference

Written by Nancy Albus, LPC, NCC, CEDS Castlewood is looking forward to once again participating in the IFS Conference, to be held October 24-27, 2013, in Providence, Rhode Island. The conference, which brings professionals together to learn and expand their knowledge about IFS psychotherapy, is one that Castlewood has been actively involved with for years. Two of Castlewood’s staff will present at the IFS Conference: Katie Thompson, Lead Eating Disorder Therapist at Castlewood, and Erin McGinty, Anxiety Therapist and Program Director for Castlewood. Their topic of discussion will be IFS in Action: Unblending at the Table and Addressing Feared Stimuli in…

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Eating Disorder Community Unites to End Weight-Based Bullying, Hopes to Involve First Lady Michelle Obama

An online petition asking First Lady Michelle Obama to decline her appearance on ‘The Biggest Loser’ television show has been posted on in order to end weight-based bullying. Castlewood is proud to participate in the efforts to stop weight based bullying. We are participating through social media and blogging to support the important message that the First Lady should not endorse The Biggest Loser and its weight stigma and shaming tactics. In an email to those in the eating disorder community Lizabeth Wesely-Casella, Founder of lead the charge by stating, “weight based stigmatization & bullying will no longer be…

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Preferred Provider Conference

Castlewood is planning an upcoming event at our St. Louis residential treatment center. On October 18-29, 2013, we will host a conference for individuals from around the country that are currently treating eating disorders in their private practices. These psychiatrists, licensed counselors, physicians, and other providers will come to Castlewood to hear from our staff about the treatment services we provide. At the event, we will give insight on nutrition programs, the medical management of patients, and how we use things like drama and expressive art therapy in the treatment and healing of eating disorders. Our purpose is to educate…

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Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) was first documented in 1886 by Morselli and recognized by the American Psychiatric Association in 1987. BDD is a chronic mental illness which manifests itself as a fixation over a perceived physical defect. These defects are typically imagined or are so small the person suffering from the malady is the only one that notices them. Characteristically beginning during adolescence, this obsession causes psychological distress which often diminishes one’s ability to function on a personal or professional level. Men and women suffering from BDD are often riddled with anxiety and depression causing them to withdraw socially or…

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Artists Speak Up For Weight Stigma Awareness Week

The 3rd annual Weight Stigma Awareness Week (WSAW); will be held Sept. 23 – 27. The goal of the event is to make people aware of the harm weight stigma inflicts onto others and to provide effective methodologies in which to oppose them. Weight Stigma Awareness Week is a virtual event which will include, Tweetchats, webinars, mixers, blog conferencing lead by experts in the field of weight stigma. Sticks and Stones Contrary to the words in a child’s nursery rhyme, names do hurt. They cut deep; they destroy a person’s self-esteem, hope and quality of life. No matter what you call it,…

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