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Advanced-level Webinar (with CEUs) for Professionals March 12th

Nancy Albus, LPC, NCC, CEDS, Castlewood’s CEO and a nationally recognized expert on eating disorders, will present a webinar for professionals this month titled “A Treatment Approach Directed toward Identity Development, Relationship Transformation and Sexuality in the Eating Disorder Client.” This advanced-level seminar is based on current research suggesting that those with eating disorders often experience difficulties in intimacy, relationships and identity development. Case studies will be presented, and participants provided with interventions that may be useful in helping clients in relapse prevention strategies. Professionals who work with clients struggling with all type of eating disorders are invited to attend…

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Local Blogger Attends Conference

Local Blogger Attends Monarch Cove’s Eating Disorder Workshop

Joe Kelly, a father, husband, author, speaker, and blogger, recently attended Monarch Cove’s Preferred Provider Workshop. He took some thoughts away from the conference, and shared them with his online community in a blog last week. Nancy Albus spoke at the conference about love and relationships. At one point, she stressed the importance of talking to family members – male family members in particular- of eating disorder clients. Nancy gave real life examples of times therapists needed information, and the only person that could give her that information besides the client, was their partner. Joe went on to say in his…

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Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2014 at Castlewood

Castlewood will be observing Eating Disorder Awareness Week (EDAW) with the rest of the country February 23rd – March 1st, 2014. The week-long event encourages individuals, families, and treatment providers to spread the word about the warning signs and the impacts of eating disorders. To celebrate the week, Castlewood has a number of events planned. Kicking off the week a day early, Castlewood will host an alumni event on Saturday, February 22, during which time alumni are invited back to the facility to celebrate their recovery and encourage others. Then, two alumni of Castlewood, as well as the Alumni Group…

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Supporting Each Other—Family Week Is Almost Here!

Castlewood’s next Family Week is coming up on February 25-27, 2014. Many family members are nervous about attending their first Family Week experience. One of the common reasons expressed is that everyone may perceive them as the reason for their loved ones eating disorder. Nothing could be further from the truth, and research backs this up! Family support in recovery is essential! The Academy of Eating Disorders (AED) issued an important position paper for physicians on the role of family in eating disorders. The bottom line: families are a critical part of the recovery and treatment process for those with…

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February is For Lovers! -New Alumni Event

Learning to love oneself can be a hard task for someone with an eating disorder. It can be a challenge to accept what is perceived as imperfect or unlovable. Part of the recovery process is learning that we are all capable of giving and receiving love, including love for ourselves. Our alumni event in February explores this important theme. Another key to sustained recovery is connection. Not just connection to family, friends, and social networks, but also staying connected to feelings and fears. Castlewood’s alumni group is a very meaningful and positive way to connect. Join other Castlewood Alumni on…

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Castlewood Webinar with Deanna James

Castlewood Treatment Center’s own Deanna James will be hosting a webinar on February 19th on the topic of Becoming Embodied: Body Image, Trauma and Eating Disorders. The webinar is designed for therapists, social workers, and psychologists that work with individuals that suffer with eating disorders or trauma. Deanna will speak about the importance of addressing the body and body image when dealing with clients with eating disorders and those that have experienced trauma. Deanna’s topic is very relevant to the treatment field right now as many providers are finding that clients struggle with body image and trauma. Clients’ conditions are…

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Castlewood’s Monarch Cove Staff Member to Speak at Conference on Diversity

Monarch Cove PHP Program Director to Speak at Conference on Diversity

Looking behind the curtain at Castlewood Treatment Centers and you’ll find a clinical team that is not only dedicated to providing eating disorder recovery support for each client, but also highly educated and experienced individuals that use their time and talents to educate the professional community about eating disorders and co-occurring issues. Jenn Edwards, Monarch Cove’s PHP Program Director and expert therapist, is an excellent example of professional dedication to peer and community education. Jenn has been selected to lecture at Eating Disorder Recovery Support, Inc.’s (EDRS) 2014 conference February 6-8, 2014, in Petaluma, CA. The theme of this year’s…

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Castlewood Treatment Center Puts on their Kicks and Walks for Recovery

Castlewood Puts on their Kicks and Walks for Recovery

We believe in community involvement at Castlewood, and being part of the wider national eating disorder treatment family. So on February 1st, Castlewood is not only sponsoring The Alliance for Eating Disorder Awareness’ 3rd Annual Walk for Recovery, we are putting our feet where our sponsorship is! The Alliance for Eating Disorders provides an extensive network of information and support for clients and families who are battling an eating disorder. This year’s walk focuses on the theme “Celebrating everyBODY”, and points out that recovery is possible for everyone, and that our bodies, and feelings about them, don’t define a person.…

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Highlands Treatment Center Ribbon Cutting

The staff at Castlewood will soon be welcoming the Highlands Treatment Center into our partnership. The official opening of the Highlands will take place November 13th, at their facility in Birmingham, Alabama, and will be celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Our staff at Castlewood is pleased to have Clinical Director, Dr. Nicole Siegfried, and her team at the Highlands as a part of our affiliation. The Highlands program has been serving clients since August of this year through a partial hospitalization program and an intensive outpatient program. I know that the Highlands will be an important resource for the…

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Castlewood Family Week

Castlewood will be hosting one of our regularly scheduled Family Weeks starting November 6th. We are excited to welcome families into Castlewood Treatment Center to help them gain the tools necessary to be effectively involved in their loved one’s recovery. At Castlewood, we know how important family is to recovery. Family members can become strong advocates for the patient and assist them in navigating through the process of recovery and life integration. Healthy family communication and boundaries are important to insure lasting recovery. In order to incorporate families into the treatment process, we host events like family week, where we…

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