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Summer Refocus Program: Instill Hope & Initiate Healing

Castlewood’s Summer Refocus Program was developed for motivated clients whose time is precious during the summer months and who wish to focus on the underlying causes of their eating disorder and recovery. Our team works to understand the role of the eating disorder and replace those behaviors with new ones, to build your self-esteem by reconnecting to you at your core, and to free you of the negative self-talk and replace it with self-care. We have a variety of exclusive treatment options to help you recover from an eating disorder.  Whether you have been in eating disorder recovery for a…

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Castlewood’s Summer Refocus Program

For some, summer is a season for taking it easy; for others, summer is where the real work begins. Certainly, summer is a great time to put other aspects of your life on pause, and to really get down to the tough issues of eating disorder recovery. That’s why Castlewood offers a Summer Refocus Program, aimed both at those new to recovery and those who have been in recovery for a while. The aim of this program is simple: Come rededicate yourself to recovery—or dedicate yourself to it for the first time!—and get the support you need to make real,…

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Day 29: Ask for Support

As we engage in a month-long exercise in self-expression—our 31 Day Self-Love Diet Writing Challenge—we’re trying to approach the concept of self-love from a number of different angles. Today, we want to look at one prompt that is particularly noteworthy and provocative—the prompt that encourages us to ask for help when we need it. This is so important for anyone who struggles with an eating disorder. Nobody ever recovers all on their own—at least not successfully. You often need to ask for help as you first seek treatment and recovery—and then you need ongoing help, support, and affirmation as your…

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Self-Love Writing Challenge: Bringing Curiosity Into Relationships

Day 19: Bring Curiosity Into Your Relationships We hope you’re enjoying the 31 Day Self Love Diet Writing Challenge—and if you haven’t yet found time to participate, we encourage you to do so today. Remember, the event runs through February 1, and we’ve got a prompt for today that is especially provocative and noteworthy: The prompt invites you to write about the importance of curiosity in a relationship. Should you always bring curiosity into your relationships? And more to the point, perhaps, does doing so have a positive effect on your sense of self love? We would argue that it…

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Tuesdays with Tammy

In our culture there remains an immense stigma with regard to eating disorders. We know that they exist and they impact countless lives, yet many of us still do not feel comfortable talking about it. This is maddening, and for no one more than the people who either have eating disorders or take care of people with eating disorders. Because there is not enough open dialogue about these conditions, it can be far too difficult and daunting to find reliable information or words of encouragement. That’s why we’re happy to announce a new endeavor called Tuesdays with Tammy—a recurring online…

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Fostering Gratitude as a Method for Self-Love

Do you love yourself? For those who struggle with eating disorders, the answer is often—sadly—a no. Loving yourself can be a struggle, particularly for those who are wracked by feelings of shame or guilt. Yet learning to be kind and patient with yourself—to recognize your dignity and worth—is critical for recovery and for ongoing health. So how do you do it? How do you arrive at a place of true self-love? It’s not easy and it won’t happen overnight. Rather, it involves the cultivation of several healthy habits, all of which will lead you to a place of seeing yourself…

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31 Day Self Love Diet Writing Challenge

Writing can be an incredibly cathartic experience—therapeutic, even. It’s no wonder that journaling and diary-keeping are so often recommended to those in various forms of recovery. Writing is an act of discipline, of creativity, of critical thought, of openness, of candor—in short, a way to come to terms with the self and even arrive at a place of compassion and understanding. Writing, in other words, can be a form of self-love—which is why we are proud to announce the 31 Day Self Love Diet Writing Challenge. Castlewood is proud to be a sponsor of this year’s event, which seeks to…

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Golf Tournament Provides $20,000 For Scholarships

For the second year in a row, we are pleased to announce that our benefit golf tournament, held in conjunction with Project HEAL, has raised significant funds to help provide scholarships for people who might otherwise might avoid seeking treatment for their eating disorders. With the $20,000 raised at this year’s tournament, Project HEAL will have additional support in its mission to give financial aid to individuals who are committed to their recovery and to educate the general public, medical professionals, and government agencies about the life-threatening issues that accompany eating disorders. One of last year’s scholarship recipients, a 15-year-old…

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Golf Tournament Supports Scholarship Program by Project HEAL

Encouraged by the success of last year’s benefit golf tournament to support Project HEAL, we have set the wheels in motion for a second tournament. On Monday, October 5, at Fox Run Golf Club, 1 Putt Lane, in nearby Eureka we will be hosting our 2nd Annual Golf Tournament benefitting Project HEAL. We are hoping to exceed last year’s total of $60,000, which has helped Project HEAL provide scholarships for various levels of treatment for eating disorders. The tournament proceeds will continue to help individuals who suffer from potentially life-threatening eating behaviors, with grants ranging from $100 for an hour…

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