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Bullying and Eating Disorders by Lolly Wool, Therapist at Castlewood Treatment Centers

By Lolly Wool, Therapist Listening to a client give an account of being called horrible names, being beat up in a bathroom or getting text or Facebook messages with degrading names, is the proof that we cannot talk about eating disorders and without discussing bullying. Yes, there are statistics about the frequency bullying and its correlation to eating disorders, but I do not do what I do because of the statistics, I do it because of the faces and the clients that describe the injuries that tear them apart. What is Bullying? One of the most important pieces to start…

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Stop Bullying, #1LifeAtATime

There is no denying that bullying often has lasting effects on the people who have been bullied—and that in some cases, those effects may include the development of an eating disorder. According to some studies, as many as 90 percent of those who are in treatment for an eating disorder admit to being bullied at some point during the course of their life. That’s an alarmingly high number, and shows why so many eating disorder recovery advocates are also strongly outspoken against bullying in all forms. Today we take up that charge. In this post we’ll share some facts about…

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Overcoming Eating Disorders #1LifeAtATime

We are not creating this campaign to start a battle —against the stigma, the myth, the misinformation, and the silence that keeps us from talking about eating disorder recovery openly and honestly but as an empowering challenge to build awareness  through ambassadorship. Ultimately, it is a challenge overcome one person at a time: Advocacy happens not en masse, but through individual hearts and minds opened to the seriousness of eating disorders and the reality of the recovery process. You’ll be hearing more and more about this in the months to come, as Castlewood rolls out the #1LifeAtATime campaign—an advocacy and…

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Lobbying for Eating Disorder and Mental Health Reform

Too often we hear from insurance companies “Residential Eating Disorder Treatment isn’t a covered benefit on this policy.” When faced with the need for life-saving treatment, what is a person or family to do when their insurance will not cover the treatment needed? The Residential Eating Disorder Coalition (REDC) held a Fly-In Lobby Day last month in Washington DC. I had the opportunity to represent Castlewood Treatment Centers and ask Congressmen, Congresswomen and Senators from Missouri and Kansas that exact question. We were there to request support for legislative clarity and enforcement of the Mental Health parity law. In the…

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