Specialized Bulimia Treatment

Bulimia Treatment Options

Sustained recovery from bulimia and other eating disorders requires a continuum of care. Castlewood is proud to provide multiple levels of care as part of their bulimia treatment options for each client. Because an individual with bulimia nervosa requires long-term support for the underlying issues that sustain the bingeing and purging characteristic of this eating disorder, seamless on-going care is important. From Residential care to step-down, clients are able to keep the same primary team, made up of a therapist, dietitian, and psychiatrist. Castlewood’s philosophy is to develop and foster and ongoing relationship between the client and their primary team, which leads to better treatment outcomes. Each of our treatment options for bulimia have been carefully designed and staffed by an exceptional team of eating disorder clinicians.

Five Treatment Options for Bulimia Clients

Castlewood provides five levels of care in the St. Louis area. Clients begin at the level that is most appropriate to their current level of physical and emotional health. We offer these four treatment options for bulimia at our two main Castlewood Campuses:
  • Residential Treatment
  • Stabilization Program
  • Day Treatment Program
  • Stepdown Program
Clients who no longer need residential care, but are not ready to return home with outpatient services, can be placed in one of our Partial Hospitalization Programs (Day Treatment or Step Down) or Castlewood’s Intensive Outpatient Program at EDCMO (Eating Disorder Center of Missouri). While we do not provide general outpatient services at Castlewood, many of our therapists and dietitians maintain outpatient practices for those clients staying in the St. Louis area. Each of these five levels of care have different levels of monitoring, structure, and intensity of care. The common thread is the high degree of customization provided for each client in one of these bulimia treatment options. Research documents that clients with the best success rates of recovery from bulimia nervosa have received some type of residential care prior to transitioning into PHP, IOP or an outpatient program. When our clients are ready to leave our care, we maintain formal contact for at least 6 months. In addition, each primary team interfaces with the client’s outpatient team when they are ready to transition out of Castlewood’s care. Our team can also help facilitate transitional phone therapy sessions with the outpatient team as the client gets close to discharge.

Accommodations for Bulimia Treatment Options

Complimentary housing is provided for our residential, day treatment, and Stepdown bulimia treatment options at Castlewood. Clients receiving treatment in our residential program live in beautiful modern bedrooms inside one of our two main treatment facilities. This allows privacy and rest, but 24-hour monitoring and support. Beautiful kitchen and dining facilities provide natural settings for nutrition education and meal processing. Day treatment clients live just up the hill from Castlewood II in a beautiful, modern home. Treatment is provided in our main treatment center, but by living separately an increased degree of autonomy is provided. Clients are able to practice their new skills during off-treatment hours, but still receive support if needed. Castlewood’s Stepdown bulimia treatment option provides complimentary accommodations in our off-site therapeutic apartments. Clients in our IOP program can choose to live in these therapeutic apartments for an additional fee. Peer support is an important part of treatment, as well as serene surroundings with time for introspection and self-assessment. Castlewood is designed to enhance the recovery of each client.
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