Specialized Bulimia Treatment

Bulimia Residential Treatment

Research has shown through multiple independent studies that individuals receiving bulimia residential treatment are more likely to have significant sustained long-term recovery than those who have only outpatient treatment. Castlewood has one of the most highly regarded and credentialed residential bulimia treatment centers in the nation. Residential bulimia treatment allows clients to live and receive therapy is an environment of compassion and support. Castlewood’s philosophy is centered on creating a consistent relationship between each client and their primary therapist, dietitian, and psychiatrist. Our staff takes the time to adequately assess each client and implement an effective customized treatment plan in our residential bulimia treatment program at Castlewood.

Personalized Residential Bulimia Treatment Therapy

Individuals with bulimia nervosa need a unique combination of care approaches to meet their therapeutic, nutritional, and psychological needs. Castlewood’s multidisciplinary bulimia residential treatment team closely collaborates to ensure that the underlying issues behind the eating disorder are identified and treated. Each client is helped to understand the reasons behind their disorder, and frequent opportunities for skills development and practice are integrated into residential bulimia treatment at Castlewood. Many clients with bulimia nervosa also have an associated co-occurring disorder. As the eating disorder behaviors improve, co-occurring issues (such as anxiety, depression, or addictions) may become more intense, as other ways are used to cope with the deep underlying issues that led to bulimia in the first place. During residential bulimia treatment both the eating disorder and co-occurring problems are evaluated and treated simultaneously. By treating all issues at the same time, in the safe and supportive environment of residential care, clients become more ready for transition into more autonomous levels of care, armed with positive coping skills and techniques.

Bulimia Residential Treatment at Castlewood

Residential treatment for clients with bulimia provides 24-hour staff monitoring and support. Client-specific treatment includes both individual and group therapy sessions. Each client has a personal therapists and dietitian, as well as receiving other therapy interventions from specialists in a wide-variety of bulimia and eating disorder specialties. Many of our therapy staff have personal experience with an eating disorder, which provides valuable insight into each client’s experiences. Our eating disorder residential treatment facilities are modern, beautiful, and comfortable, with ample space for both treatment and relaxation. Peer support and sharing are important aspects of the treatment day, as is relaxation and fresh air in our beautiful outdoor spaces. Staff-supported outings away from Castlewood’s bulimia residential treatment facility are added to the treatment plan to help clients practice new coping skills and eating behaviors. This also prepares each client for the transition into more independent levels of care at Castlewood, such as our Stepdown and Intensive Outpatient Programs. Castlewood Treatment Center has achieved The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval, as well as holding certification from The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Clients receiving residential bulimia treatment at Castlewood are assured that we meet and exceed all national standards on the treatment of eating disorders and their co-occurring issues.
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