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Body Image and Eating Disorders

It would be wonderful if I could say negative body image and eating disorders could be fixed if we changed things in the advertising industry and media, but then we wouldn’t be considering all the complex issues which contribute to our overall self-image. At Castlewood, we definitely see a trend with eating disorder clients and social media impacting both their body image and their sense of self. On one hand, social media can be a great tool in recovery if you join the right groups and know people who are positive and supportive. But, it can also be a challenge…

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There Is Freedom: Castlewood Alumna Shares Her Story of Recovery on the Katie Couric Show

If someone had told me five years ago that I would be a guest on the Katie Couric Show to discuss my journey with an eating disorder I would have laughed. In fact, if anyone had told me I would be healthy rather than plagued by the intense fear of gaining weight or consumed by thoughts of negativity, I would have laughed. I don’t think that words can do justice to the depths of the darkness that I, or anyone else who has experienced an eating disorder, lived in daily. But I hope that the experience that I had in…

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How Role Models Can Help Instill a Healthy Body Image

It can be an impossible task as a parent to shield kids from the mass media, distorted advertising, television, movies and Internet, but the messages kids receive at home can have a great impact in counterbalancing this. As role models and guides to children, we can respect our bodies for what they do instead of focusing on how we look, living healthy active lives free of the obsession to be and look perfect. As a parent, aunt or uncle, youth group leader, teacher or coach; we play a crucial role in helping children develop a healthy body image. When a…

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Losing Baby Weight: How the Tabloid Pressures Celebrities & Consumers

Losing baby weight can be a challenge, but the stress provided by the tabloids doesn’t help. Here are the common unspoken messages in the tabloid headlines seen on a near-weekly basis: Back to a Size 4 just days after having twins! [Message: What’s wrong with you? She did it, why can’t you?] Star Still Wearing Baggy Clothes Two Months After Baby Comes: Career Over? [Message: What’s wrong with her? If she couldn't do it, you might as well forget it!] Get the theme? Losing baby weight as presented in the tabloids falls into one of two buckets: the good girl…

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Digital Perfection Promotes Distorted Body Images

While we may never know the full extent to which unrealistic media representations encourage a distorted body image in their audience, what is clear is that it’s challenging for children and adults to distinguish what’s real and what is pure fantasy. In an effort to demonstrate how anyone can be changed into a hyper “perfect” version of themselves, the docu-video “Real Women Get Photoshopped” took four women and made them super-models for a day. Most of us might think this a dream come true (and the pampering would surely be welcome), but the distortion of the final images from the…

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