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Castlewood Eating Disorder Treatment Center is dedicated to those who are affected by eating disorders, and in providing expert preventative and interventional education to the general public. Our blog covers new treatments and trends, statistics and public initiatives, inspirational successes, therapeutic trends and solid science. Visit often and comment!

Going Gray Isn’t So Bad: Why Thinking in Black and White Hurts

Living and thinking a polarized black-and-white life increases stress, which in turn has a detrimental effect on our mental and physical health.  So why are we so hard on ourselves, demanding all or nothing, when mentally living a little more in the middle is a healthier, happier space? No one is perfect all of the time or succeeds 100% of each day. We all make mistakes, we disappoint ourselves and others. Black and white thinking often works against recovery, so this week, celebrate the gray! Being human means living in the gray, that muddled middle where life generally is at…

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Don’t Let the Competition Get to You

College can be both exciting and fear inducing as classes can be competitive and stressful. Competition can be a positive force providing a constructive source of motivation, but the dynamic can also encourage a distortion concerning realistic goals and emphasize perfectionism. The more prepared and aware students are for the competitiveness that college life can inevitably create, the easier it becomes to proactively develop healthy coping skills in response. It’s important to choose friends and groups wisely, based on what will positively influence overall mental health. Some organizations and clubs can be supportive, while others will encourage competitiveness. For someone in…

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Castlewood Provides Meaningful Presence at National Conference

Supporting the National Conference on Addiction Disorders and the Behavioral Leadership Summit Castlewood continues to make a national impact by supporting education and leadership on eating disorders and related addiction disorders. Beginning tomorrow, August 22nd in St. Louis, Castlewood will be sponsoring and taking part in the highly respected National Conference on Addiction Disorders (NCAD) and the concurrently held Behavioral Leadership Summit. The Castlewood team is proud to be a part of these premier events. “At Castlewood, we have a commitment to our clients to provide the highest quality of care,” said Nancy Albus, CEO, Castlewood Treatment Center. “Participating in…

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Self-care Isn’t Selfish Why Self-care is Important, and Tips for Being Good to Yourself

Ramping up some savvy self-care skills before beginning college means students are ready to use them when they hit their new campus. Many anxieties may be present before leaving home, and some unexpected stressors may be waiting after the semester begins. Learning what to expect, and what to do about stressful pop-up issues, means acting from a place of power and readiness. Collegiate IOP Tracks make sure the all-important self-care skills are in-place and meaningful. Many college students worry that practicing self-care is either selfish or uncool. In fact, the words “self-care” and “college student” aren’t always phrases that are…

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Mothers and Others March: the FREED Act Must Pass!

For people who love and care about those with eating disorders, or has tragically lost someone from an eating disorder, September 30th is way to bring eating disorder awareness to the public, and more importantly lawmakers! The inaugural MOM March on Washington, held at 12:00 pm on Tuesday, September 30, 2014 in Washington DC., brings eating disorder advocates to the Nation’s Capital for two days of lobbying and educating Members of Congress, pushing them to increase efforts on the FREED Act and Truth in Advertising. MOM? FREED Act? M.O.M. stands for “Mothers and Others”, and is a unified group of…

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