Balancing Nutrition and Pleasure

Balancing Nurishment and Pleasure

At Castlewood we believe that balancing nourishment and pleasure in food choices and meal experiences is an important part of the recovery process.  Balancing nourishment and pleasure respects both health and taste. Respecting your health embraces a variety of fuel that provides carbohydrate energy, protein building blocks, and foundation fats. Respecting your health also embraces taste and enjoyment of food as equally valuable and important. Hunger and fullness signals are your body’s built-in fuel gauge - your body’s communication signals that tell you what fuel your body needs and when it needs it. But in the early stages of recovery, hearing and trusting your fuel gauge is very hard. Science tells us that an eating disorder distorts and confuses your brain and stomach’s ability to communicate. Science also tells us that as the brain and stomach heal, your body can relearn how to hear and trust hunger and fullness messages. When your body can trust its own fuel gauge, your metabolism settles into a gentle cycle that sustains energy, restores health and strengthens recovery.  We are committed to providing resources for both clients and eating disorder professionals as they incorporate these principles in the work of recovery. You can download this free Nutrition-Resource-Guide-Print for your own personal or professional use. Also, watch Tammy Beasley, RDN, CEDRD, CSSD, LD, Castlewood's National Coordinator for Nutrition Education as she discusses the role of balancing nutrition and pleasure in eating disorder recovery.  
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