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SSRIs, Probiotics and The Gut Brain

“Since research using brain neuro-imaging has revealed that higher serotonin levels in the brain may exist in clients prior to and during restrictive behaviors from anorexia as well as after weight restoration, are anti-depressants beneficial in the treatment of Anorexia?” Great question from a participant in Castlewood’s “The Gut Brain and Eating Disorders: Nutrition Therapy’s Role in the Healing Process” webinar. According to Dr. Timothy Walsh, “starvation and lack of precursor molecules required for synthesis of neurotransmitters may prevent a medical response” to SSRI medications (Walsh,BT. In: UptoDate, Waltham, MA. Accessed on April 12, 2016).  Furthermore, a meta-analysis (4 randomized…

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A New Reflection in the Rear View Mirror

How you see your body and how you think others see your body greatly affects how you feel about yourself.  And how you feel about your body cannot be separated from how you treat that very same body…the fuel you give it and the things you ask it to do. When you look in the mirror, does it reflect the real you or is the image distorted?  It may be time to clean your mirror to improve your reflection. When you drive your car, you depend on your rear view mirror to see behind you, in order to drive safely…

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