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Nancy Albus is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist (CEDS) with extensive training and more than a decade of experience in eating disorders, intimacy, relationships, family therapy and Internal Family Systems therapy.

Castlewood Assessment Processes

At Castlewood, we believe that the process of assessment is so incredibly important, because it helps us develop effective treatment programs for our clients. When a client arrives at our facility, we conduct various  initial assessments of their needs and their physical and mental state. This deepens our information and ideas about the client and their history and allows us to integrate that into an effective treatment plan for that person. Once we have begun the treatment plan, we continue to do ongoing assessments, which allow us to see from the initial baseline how the client is improving and progressing.…

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The Importance of Family Meals in Eating Disorder Prevention

Thanksgiving is only a few days away, and families everywhere will be gathering for a day of relaxing, reconnecting, and eating. This is a time that loved ones can celebrate each with other, build relationships, and enjoy the gift of food. However for many families, eating together on a regular basis is now a rare occasion. Recent studies have looked at the impact of the family meal in the prevention of eating disorders. Our society has largely moved away from regular family meals. Family members now eat at separate times, or dine in front of the television, or eat meals…

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Eating Disorders in Middle Aged Women

Eating disorders do not discriminate by age, they know no boundaries, and it is important that we continue to create public awareness about this fact. There are many middle aged women who are afraid to seek treatment because they don’t feel they fit society’s view of the typical eating disorder patient. Women in their 50s experience many complex life changes. They often experience a loss of identity during their children’s individuation from the family and their growing maturity during the maturation process. Women suffer feelings of loss and grief when their children are no longer the primary function of their…

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Male Eating Disorders on the Rise

Even though many organizations are working to create public awareness about eating disorders, there is still much stigma and shame surrounding males seeking help for eating disorders. At Castlewood, we are working to eliminate as many of the barriers surrounding male seeking eating disorder treatment. One way we help encourage men to seek treatment is to create a community of male clients and former clients who are willing to talk to those considering treatment. This community provides a strong support system and advocacy to men, because they understand firsthand the struggle and the difficulty to reach out for help. They…

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Breakfast Workshop with the Highlands in Birmingham

Castlewood and our trusted affiliate The Highlands Treatment Center are presenting a breakfast workshop in Birmingham, Alabama November 12th. The Highlands’ Clinical Director, Dr. Nicole Siegfried, and I will present to local clinicians. The breakfast workshop will allow us to reintroduce Nicole to the community as the Clinical Director of the Highlands, and launch the partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment programs at that facility. Castlewood is pleased to welcome the Highlands into our partnership, and I am looking forward to working with Nicole on this workshop. We hope to use the event to help clinicians understand more about our…

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Castlewood Family Week

Castlewood will be hosting one of our regularly scheduled Family Weeks starting November 6th. We are excited to welcome families into Castlewood Treatment Center to help them gain the tools necessary to be effectively involved in their loved one’s recovery. At Castlewood, we know how important family is to recovery. Family members can become strong advocates for the patient and assist them in navigating through the process of recovery and life integration. Healthy family communication and boundaries are important to insure lasting recovery. In order to incorporate families into the treatment process, we host events like family week, where we…

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IFS Conference

Written by Nancy Albus, LPC, NCC, CEDS Castlewood is looking forward to once again participating in the IFS Conference, to be held October 24-27, 2013, in Providence, Rhode Island. The conference, which brings professionals together to learn and expand their knowledge about IFS psychotherapy, is one that Castlewood has been actively involved with for years. Two of Castlewood’s staff will present at the IFS Conference: Katie Thompson, Lead Eating Disorder Therapist at Castlewood, and Erin McGinty, Anxiety Therapist and Program Director for Castlewood. Their topic of discussion will be IFS in Action: Unblending at the Table and Addressing Feared Stimuli in…

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Eating Disorders Coalition of Tennessee Annual Conference

Castlewood will be participating in the upcoming EDCT Conference, called the Annual Forum for Professionals. The conference will be held October 24-25, in Nashville, Tennessee. We are proud to once again be a part of this event, which aims to educate and create awareness about eating disorders. The Eating Disorders Coalition of Tennessee (EDCT) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of eating disorder awareness, education and prevention. The organization provides hope and support to those who are affected by eating disorders, and education to providers and other professionals who work in the eating disorder treatment field. Castlewood is…

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