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NEDAwareness: It’s Time To Talk About It. -Castlewood Alumna Kimi Gravlin

“Eight years have passed since I started my road to recovery from an eating disorder. Every February, when Eating Disorder Awareness Week comes around I feel indescribable gratitude for my health and my recovery. But, I feel even more grateful for my family who loved me unconditionally, my friends who made the difficult choice to speak up, and the professionals at Castlewood Treatment Center who all played a huge role in my recovery. I often find myself taking my health and wellbeing for granted, forgetting that it was something I once had to fight so hard for. Eight years seems…

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If Not Now… When? by Paul Beuttenmuller Castlewood Alumnus

“Somewhere in the archives of crudest instinct is recorded the truth that it is better to be endangered and free than captive and comfortable” – Tom Robbins For the longest time, I thought I was comfortable with where I was in life. I gave off the impression that I was happy and satisfied. But after some time, I came to realize that I was really just settling because I did not believe (and I was too afraid) that life could get any better. I was too set in my beliefs and my comfort zone to really open up and admit…

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Facebook LIVE Discussion: Maintaining Recovery During The Holidays

Hosts: Chelsea Martin, RD & Travis Stewart, LPC Protecting your recovery during the holiday season can be difficult. It is important to brush up on relapse prevention skills and be mindful of complicated situations that can occur around food, body image and exercise. In this discussion, we will identify ways to put your recovery first by planning ahead and being proactive. It will include ways to cope with overwhelming situations and how to manage your meal plan at holiday get togethers. There will be discussion on how to utilize your support system as well as reminders of internal resources. This…

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