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Introducing Our New CEO, Jennifer Crute Steiner

Castlewood Treatment Centers has announced the appointment of Jennifer Crute Steiner as its new Chief Executive Officer. In this new role, she will build upon the excellent clinical quality of Castlewood’s treatment programs, while also expanding the organization’s reach and profile as an industry leader. During the last decade, Jennifer has been actively creating positive change in mental health on a national scale. She is driven to improve the standard of care in mental health and eating disorder treatment through impeccable clinical quality, accountability, and innovative care delivery models. “I am thrilled to begin this leadership journey at Castlewood Treatment…

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“The Warmth of Eating Disorder Recovery in a Residential Program” Written by A.B.F.

Tired? It’s okay that you don’t know how to take care of yourself right now. Can you imagine if someone else could do that for you so you can have a moment of peace? I remember feeling like if I just had a break from myself, I could get better. I just needed a break. A break from the constant haunting feeling of having to give in to the eating disorder behaviors to feel okay, even if it was just for a brief second. The negative thinking and the inner pain just cannot be explained. I chose one day to…

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Castlewood Cooking Experiences:  Balancing Nourishment and Pleasure with Chef Mary

Introducing Chef Mary at Castlewood Treatment Center at Monarch Cove   What do you love most about working at Monarch Cove? Being able to utilize the creativity and artistry of cooking to develop my craft on an ongoing basis is something that I’m grateful for every day. What I love most about working at Monarch Cove is that I’m able to use that daily inspiration to nourish our clients and be instrumental in developing or restoring their relationship with food. What made you decide to become a Chef? I’ve always been someone who wanted to cook. I spent many years…

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Lipstick Lesbian:  A Coming Out Story, Written by C.W., Castlewood Alumna

I grew up with a fiscally conservative father and a die-hard liberal mother. I wasn’t too afraid of coming out, more so just embarrassed. My family didn’t do feelings. Maybe if I instead hollered “HEY, I’M A LESBIAN” from upstairs as my parents got home from dinner that night, it would have felt less awkward. Once it was out there, it was out there. My father would parade down the hall into my room at least twice a week from then on, looking for a heart to heart, craving the reassurance he needs to feel like his baby girl wasn’t going to…

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Summer Refocus Program: Instill Hope & Initiate Healing

Castlewood’s Summer Refocus Program was developed for motivated clients whose time is precious during the summer months and who wish to focus on the underlying causes of their eating disorder and recovery. Our team works to understand the role of the eating disorder and replace those behaviors with new ones, to build your self-esteem by reconnecting to you at your core, and to free you of the negative self-talk and replace it with self-care. We have a variety of exclusive treatment options to help you recover from an eating disorder.  Whether you have been in eating disorder recovery for a…

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Castlewood Treatment Centers Welcomes Cathy Lane as Our New Director of Outreach Northeast

We are thrilled to have Cathy as our new outreach team member. Below is more information about Cathy and her new role at Castlewood Treatment Centers. If you would like to connect with Cathy, you can reach her via email, or phone, 732-267-6791 What is your new role at Castlewood? I am thrilled to be joining Castlewood as the Director of Regional Outreach for the Northeast. I’m looking forward to connecting with referral sources, building new relationships, and sharing with them what Castlewood is all about! Can you tell us about yourself? I am a small town girl from…

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Staff Spotlight: Jenn Edwards Returns to Castlewood at Monarch Cove

Welcome Back Jenn! Staff Spotlight:  Jennifer Edwards MA, LPCC (#2700), R-DMT- Clinical Director Your role at Castlewood at Monarch Cove: I am the Clinical director at Monarch Cove.  It is my role to support and guide our Monarch Cove team in deepening the therapeutic work of each of our clients. I am returning to Monarch Cove inspired and rejuvenated.   I have missed the team collaborative approach that truly is unique to Castlewood.  I really thrive when surrounded by the talented and dedicated staff that are inevitably attracted to Castlewood, and I have found the team at Monarch Cove to be no…

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The “Golden Boy”

Written by Castlewood Alumnus Paul Beuttenmuller One year ago, I completed the total transformation of my life after having finally confronted the nightmare that controlled it for the previous six years. I pressed the pause button on everything, including my job at which I had just received a promotion, and focused on my mental health for the first time in my life. I was struggling with an eating disorder and reached the point where it controlled my daily life. In reality, it controlled my total being and sanity. While it took me a while to admit that, I had come…

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