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What Does Weight Stigma Awareness Week Mean to You?

Weight Stigma Awareness Week is fast approaching; from September 26 through September 30 of this year, eating disorder recovery organizations across the country will seek to draw attention to the important issue of weight stigma, drawing connections to eating disorders while also underscoring the hope of recovery. This year’s theme is Teaching Kids the Truth, and will focus on the importance of shaping our kids’ impressions of themselves—leading them to healthy perceptions about weight and body image. What is Weight Stigma? If you’re not familiar with the term, a quick definition might be in order. Weight stigma—which is sometimes called…

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Exposure Therapy at Castlewood

Recovery from an eating disorder is a journey, with different phases and stages along the way. While not everyone has the exact same journey, it’s certainly not uncommon for our clients to begin in an intensive, residential program before transitioning into a partial hospitalization program (PHP). Ultimately, as clients make these transitions, our treatment approach encompasses more and more exposure therapy, wherein clients are asked to identify some situations that cause them anxiety—situations that they might normally either avoid or have trouble tolerating without ritualizing or doing harm to themselves. We gradually and repetitively place clients into these situations, offering…

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Overcoming Eating Disorders #1LifeAtATime

We are not creating this campaign to start a battle —against the stigma, the myth, the misinformation, and the silence that keeps us from talking about eating disorder recovery openly and honestly but as an empowering challenge to build awareness  through ambassadorship. Ultimately, it is a challenge overcome one person at a time: Advocacy happens not en masse, but through individual hearts and minds opened to the seriousness of eating disorders and the reality of the recovery process. You’ll be hearing more and more about this in the months to come, as Castlewood rolls out the #1LifeAtATime campaign—an advocacy and…

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Castlewood Treatment Centers Unveils New #1LifeAtATime Campaign to Promote Eating Disorder Advocacy

Starting in September, Castlewood Treatment Centers will embark on a new awareness-raising campaign called #1LifeAtATime. The focus of the campaign will be how change happens, awareness is raised, and recovery is promoted by one individual at a time; as one person becomes passionate about eating disorder advocacy, that passion has a ripple effect, spreading to others in the community. Castlewood will promote the campaign through blogs and other social media content.

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Suicide Hands Together for Teamwork.CWBlog4

A Closer Look at Eating Disorders and Suicide

Talking openly about eating disorders is never easy; it can be a difficult topic, and its implications can make us uncomfortable. In addition, we come to one of the most challenging—and most necessary—conversations to be had about eating disorders, and that is the connection between eating disorders and suicide. Eating Disorder Mortality Rates It is no secret that eating disorders are associated with significantly elevated mortality rates. Sometimes, eating disorder-related deaths come about due to medical complications, but a substantial percentage are due to suicide. To offer just one sobering example: Individuals with anorexia are about 31 times more likely…

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End of Summer Sunrise Over River.CWBlog3

Eating Disorder Recovery and the End of Summer

When summer first comes, it’s always exciting. For many, it means a break from school. It brings to mind days full of sunshine, and means vacation, blockbuster movies, and more. By the time summer starts winding down, however, it has lost its luster. Many of us are long tired of the hot, humid weather, and are perhaps feeling a bit sluggish in our summer revelry. We may be more or less ready for fall’s return. All of this can make the final stretch of summer particularly difficult for those in eating disorder recovery. Simply put: At the end of summer,…

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Returning to Castlewood Treatment Center

Guest Post by Rachael Wolf, Dietitian PHP When I started college, I knew that I wanted to work with eating disorders. At that time, I was studying to become a therapist- but that’s beside the point. I remember sitting in a lecture hall at Southeast Missouri State during eating disorder awareness week, listening to a therapist from Castlewood speak about their program. The treatment philosophy was unlike anything I had ever heard- and at that moment, I decided I wanted to work at Castlewood Treatment Center. Working at Castlewood has been a dream of mine for many years, which is…

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Putting Your Recovery First As You Go Back to School

For many students, the back-to-school season brings a combination of excitement and nerves. You’re sorry to see your summer vacation come to an end, and maybe a little bit apprehensive about the social and academic challenges of a new school year—but at the same time, it’s fun to get back in the swing of things, to reconnect with friends, and to be introduced to new teachers, subjects, and experiences. Of course, if you are in recovery for an eating disorder, the nerves may outweigh the excitement. Recovery is all about coping effectively with daily stresses—and the back to school season…

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Preparing for Sleep Woman Asleep in Bed.CWBlog2

Preparing Your Body for Sleep

It is often said that one of the simplest yet most meaningful things you can do for your mental health is simply to sleep—getting at least eight hours of real rest each night. This provides you with the energy and the optimism you need to face new challenges each day, including the obstacles that sometimes accompany the recovery process. For some of us, falling to sleep is a breeze, and getting in those eight hours is no big deal. Others are not so lucky. In fact, there are many who wrestle with sleeplessness each and every night, and for whom…

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Awareness Urgency Purple Ribbon in Hand.CWBlog1

Eating Disorder Awareness is Urgent. Here’s Why.

Frequently, we talk about the concept of stigma as it relates to eating disorders. Though countless men and women, boys and girls struggle daily with eating disorders—and some of them lose their lives because of it—there remains much misinformation about what eating disorders are, and how they affect body and mind. People do not feel comfortable speaking honestly or openly about eating disorders. As such, those who struggle often feel like they must do so in silence, never seeking the treatment they deserve. This breaks our hearts, because we know how dangerous eating disorders are, but also how much treatment…

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