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Why do I need an ED-informed dietitian?

Looking for an outpatient registered dietitian (RD) can be difficult for any client with an eating disorder (ED). The search requires follow-through and commitment to recovery that may be difficult to tap into at times. Engaging the help of another treatment team member to find a suitable dietitian will make the task easier. The search can be complicated by two factors: 1) limited dietitian choices in the area in which you live and 2) financial resources that are available. Many dietitians do not have the option of taking insurance due to limited availability to do so. Finding one that understands…

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Why I Choose to Be Mindful

Have you ever been watching TV or in a high stress meeting and all of the sudden your hand reaches the bottom of the bag of chips and all you can remember is eating the first bite? So many times, we become disconnected from our food intake and our nourishment experience because of distractions and the fast paced world existing around us. Discovering a way to connect to these Mindless moments, involves choosing to be Mindful. I like to think of Mindful eating as “Filling My Mind” with the food I’m about to eat, the experience I’m about to have,…

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Happy Registered Dietitian Day!

During a rotation of my dietetic internship, a preceptor asked me, “What is your nutritional philosophy? Before you start to practice, you should know where you are coming from.” Her words have stayed with me as I have pursued my career path into Eating Disorder treatment. I believe in helping a client navigate his or her individual path to embrace the idea that all foods fit and to seek balance, nourishment, and eventually joy from the foods they eat. What about Castlewood’s Nutritional Philosophy? So often with my clients, I see a struggle to find balance among the rigidity and…

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Clinical Leadership Announcement: Brian Cook, PhD Joins Staff

Nicole Siegfried, PhD, CEDS, Chief Clinical Officer of Castlewood Treatment Centers, is pleased to announce a new addition to the clinical leadership team. Joining Castlewood is Brian Cook, PhD. In his new role as National Director of Movement and Exercise, Dr. Cook will work closely with Dr. Siegfried and Tammy Beasley, RDN, CEDRD, CSSD, LD, VP of Clinical Nutritional Services, in development and execution of an innovative approach that will look at changing the functional relationship of exercise from a compensatory behavior to one that functions equally with other components of complete health. Stated Dr. Cook, “This program will not…

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Castlewood gains new Regional Executive Director of California

Jennifer Crute Steiner, CEO of Castlewood Treatment Centers, is pleased to announce the newest addition to the leadership team. Joining Castlewood is Jeannette Rojas Rivero, LASAC, CEDS, CADC II.  In her new role as Regional Executive Director of California, Jeannette will be leading operations, expansion and new sites in California and surrounding areas.  She joins Annalee Plumb, Regional Executive Director of Missouri and Ronda Cannon, Regional Executive Director of Alabama, in ensuring that all programs are operating at the highest levels. As a leader in Eating Disorder treatment, Jeannette brings over 20 years of experience to Castlewood.  Prior to joining…

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Much More than Food: Chef Mary’s Holiday Favorite

Chef Mary Russo at Castlewood’s Monarch Cove location was recently promoted to National Director, Culinary Services. She uses her expertise in crafting delicious and nutritionally balanced meals to help our clients restore healthy relationships with food. The holidays are finally here! For me, as for many people, holiday traditions and memories are tightly intertwined with special meals and exceptional foods. In fact, my love for cooking developed over years of preparing meals for holidays, parties and other family gatherings. It’s not only the food, but also the movement of hearts and minds at dinner tables that makes cooking such a…

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Castlewood is Building an Industry-Leading Team

Jennifer Crute Steiner, CEO of Castlewood Treatment Centers, is excited to announce additions and promotions to her executive leadership team.  In making this announcement, Ms. Crute Steiner highlighted the company’s focus on building an industry-leading and innovative clinical model that provides the highest quality care across all program locations. “It is an exciting and transformative time to be a part of Castlewood Treatment Centers.  We are putting tremendous care and thought into how we grow as an organization”, said Steiner. “These leadership changes signify our commitment to excellence in clinical and medical care serving eating disorder clients.” Joining the Castlewood…

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Castlewood Eating Disorder Treatment Centers - Client Stories

“Castlewood gave me the insight to rescue myself.”

Emily*, a 27-year-old in the medical field, had struggled with an eating disorder for most of her life. She faced some of the darkest days of her eating disorder before deciding to pursue treatment at Castlewood. One year ago, Emily was discharged from Castlewood and is living a full life in recovery. Hear Emily’s story — and learn why Castlewood was where her recovery began.   About her eating disorder: “I have pretty much had an eating disorder my entire life, since I was a young child,” Emily says. She considered it “issues around food,” she says. “I never thought…

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How we treat complex eating disorders - Castlewood eating disorder treatment

How we treat complex eating disorders at Castlewood

Eating disorders are not one-size-fits-all . . .  and treatment shouldn’t be either. At Castlewood, clients are accepted, supported and seen. Explore how we treat complex eating disorders to build independence and restore hope. Defining complex eating disorders At Castlewood, we believe that every eating disorder is a complex eating disorder. “Eating disorders are a manifestation of a person trying to cope with other issues and problems in their lives,” says Jim Gerber, M.A., ATR, Ph.D. “Our team engages clients in personalized treatment. We dive into their in-depth history to understand how these problems developed in their life.” Complex eating…

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Know the signs: How to help someone with an eating disorder

Do you believe someone you love has an eating disorder? Parents, siblings, friends and significant others all play a key role in the supporting and navigating alongside your loved one on their journey. The first step in supporting them is learning more about eating disorders and becoming equipped to encourage them on their recovery journey. Explore these questions to learn more about eating disorders and how to support someone who may be facing one. What are the different types of eating disorders? An important step in supporting someone who may have an eating disorder is knowing the signs and symptoms.…

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