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New Beginnings

Guest Post By: Vanessa A. Davis (CW Alumnus)        Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” Robert Frost The fall, the holiday season, family, extra travel, not exactly the easiest time of year- Immediately, I feel my chest anxiously tighten, overwhelmed with fears of the uncertain and “what ifs.” Without second thought, I begin to play out the various and endless potential situations and interactions.  “Who will I see?” “What will I say?” “Where have I been?” “How do I act?” “Who do they expect…

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Giving Back in Eating Disorder Recovery

Guest Post by Alumna L.Y. When you have an eating disorder, it becomes your entire world.  Every thought is consumed with food and numbers and calories.  From the moment my eyes opened in the morning until the moment they finally closed at night, I was obsessed.  I felt I had no other purpose in life.  I didn’t believe that there was a life without my eating disorder, but I also knew that I couldn’t have a life with my eating disorder.  So, I – a Floridian who thinks that 60 degrees is cold – went off to Missouri in the…

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Discovering Me: Alumni Guest Post

Guest Post by Alumna Lauren S. Something I’ve heard a lot in eating disorder recovery is to consider my values and who I am as a person, and then live in a way that upholds my true self.  Sounds so simple. But especially in the early days of my recovery, it seemed like the most unhelpful thing I could imagine. Problem 1: I really had no clue who I was. I had no clue what I valued, other than watching the number on the scale change. In my earliest stages of recovery, I wouldn’t have even been able to tell…

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In the Transitions: Scars of Recovery

Guest post by Alumnus: Shaun A year ago I was in Castlewood’s step-down program working day in and out challenging the old stories, being vulnerable, and connecting with my peers. One year ago I felt so connected, so new, so optimistic. Today it’s hard to remember the work that was done and how strong, connected, and accepted I felt…I was my’Self’. Today, I slipped; I acted on behaviors. It got to be too much.  “Behaviors” can look different from person to person, and the details of the behavior(s) aren’t necessarily important because the act takes on a similar meaning: its…

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Treatment As Usual: A Letter to Alumni from Dr. Jim Gerber

To our Castlewood Alumni, Many of you may be surprised that I am responding to communication from social media but it has been brought to my attention that there are significant concerns related to recent changes here. I do want to assure everyone that the mission remains the same, to provide an environment and clinical structure that is directed in helping clients to resolve the underlying issues of their eating disorder. In order to do this Castlewood has to remain viable. There are numerous changes in the world and we have to respond in a way that allows us to…

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Recovery: A Mother’s Journey

Guest Post by Megan McFall, Castlewood Alumna My life is a series of pauses, deep inhales.  I pause to listen to the rhythmic breathing of my four-month-old son in his swing at night.  I deeply breathe in the scent of my 18-month-old daughter as we cuddle before her naptime. No one told me that my practice of mindfulness in recovery would turn out to be the only way that I would survive motherhood.  Working through trauma, recovery from anorexia, and raising babies have one certain commonality: You have to be fully in the moment.  You would be remiss to jump…

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Alumnus Post: Transitioning Into the Real World

Written by Rahul Mehta- Castlewood Alumnus “It’s almost dinner time and I’m absurdly bored!  What did I used to do…..? Oh wait.”  Twenty four hours before that, I was saying my goodbyes in IOP.  No one told me what it would be like after discharge from intensive treatment.  There’s no pamphlet or step by step guide on how to transition from intensive internal work to being a full grown adult, full time, with no daily/hourly/minute-by-minute support.  There is no online video, college course, or For Dummy’s book on what to expect going forward.  Needless to say, my transition from IOP…

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Castlewood Announces New Day Treatment Program

Starting in January, Castlewood Treatment Center in St. Louis will open a newly designed direct admit Day Treatment Program. “In the past clients seeking direct admit into Castlewood’s Day Treatment participated in our Residential groups and meals. We noticed a trend over the last few years of more clients seeking direct admission into the PHP level of care. By distinguishing our Day Treatment clients from our Residential clients this allows us to provide even more customized programming and individual attention,” said Rebecca Baker, Program Director. Group therapy and meals will be held at our Day Treatment House on the grounds…

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2014 Client Satisfaction Survey Results

Castlewood is proud of our commitment to excellence in helping our clients find recovery and transform their lives. As part of the discharge process, clients complete anonymous satisfaction surveys. We invite you to view a summary of exerts from 2014 client satisfaction surveys across affiliate locations. Castlewood is excited to share that over 85% of our clients report they would recommend Castlewood to another suffering from an Eating Disorder. >>Read more testimonials from clients  “After my stay at Castlewood, I have [choose one] useful coping skills” Many Coping Skills Some Coping Skills A Few Coping Skills No Useful Coping Skills Castlewood I 55%…

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Castlewood Alumni Express Gratitude

At Castlewood we encourage our clients to develop practices of mindfulness and gratitude as part of the recovery process. As we enter this season of gratitude, we wanted to share with you what our Alumni are most thankful for about their experience with our eating disorder treatment program. In-Depth Individualized Treatment “Castlewood is the best treatment facility I know of for those who suffer from eating disorders. An eating disorder doesn’t just come up out of the blue; there are underlying issues which cause the eating disorder. Castlewood is the only facility that I have come across that addresses those…

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