Treatment for Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia Treatment Options

Castlewood provides multiple anorexia treatment options to help clients effectively transition naturally through a supported continuum of care. By receiving the right structure and intensity at the right time, clients are able to increase autonomy and self-confidence, and resume normal life activities with the tools they need to avoid relapse. Underlying causes and issues for anorexia are complex and often difficult to understand. Clients receiving treatment in any of our exceptional treatment options for anorexia develop a close, ongoing therapeutic relationship with their primary treatment team. Research shows that clients have better treatment outcomes when taking part in transitional care programs with primary therapy teams.

Five Treatment Options for Anorexia Clients

During initial phases of anorexia treatment at Castlewood clients are able to keep the same primary team, made up of a therapist, dietitian, and Castlewood’s staff psychiatrist. Each client also receives additional specialized care from a variety of therapists with sub-specialty expertise. Castlewood provides five levels of care in the St. Louis area. Clients begin at the level that is most appropriate to their current level of physical and emotional health. We offer these four treatment options for anorexia at both of our main Castlewood locations:
  • Residential Treatment
  • Stabilization Program
  • Day Treatment Program
  • Stepdown Program
Clients who no longer need residential care for anorexia, but are not ready to return home with outpatient services, can be placed in Castlewood’s Intensive Outpatient Program at EDCMO (Eating Disorder Center of Missouri). While we do not provide general outpatient services at Castlewood, many of our therapists and dietitians offer outpatient services separate from Castlewood. Each of these five levels of care have different degrees of monitoring, structure, and intensity of care. All programs include a highly individualized care plan created for each client in one of these anorexia treatment options. Research documents that clients with the best success rates of recovery from anorexia nervosa have received some type of residential care prior to transitioning into PHP, IOP or an outpatient program.

Accommodations and Sample Schedules for Anorexia Treatment Options

Accommodations in our residential anorexia treatment option are provided as part of our 24-hour monitoring and structured support. Clients, who achieve more stable recovery and autonomy transition into our Day Treatment Program, live in complimentary on-site accommodations near our treatment facility. Clients may also admit directly into our Day Treatment Program without prior anorexia residential treatment. This allows clients to continue intensive therapy on a daily basis, but have more independence during off-treatment hours. Our Stepdown program is the next level of care, with complimentary apartments off-site. This life-launching program focuses on the development of life and relationship skills. Clients taking part in Castlewood’s Intensive Outpatient Program anorexia treatment option may also live in our off-site therapeutic community apartments for an extra fee. Please explore the following sample treatment schedules to understand therapy activities included in our residential and stepdown treatment option for anorexia.

Sample Treatment Schedules

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