Treatment for Anorexia Nervosa

Client-Centered Care at Our Anorexia Treatment Center

Both the individual with anorexia and their family require focused evaluation and treatment. Unlike many treatment centers for anorexia, Castlewood’s anorexia treatment center puts the client and family at the center, and designs the treatment plan around them. We don’t expect clients to fit our treatment, we believe in providing what each client needs, in the way that best serves to promote recovery. No two clients and no two families are alike, and the treatment process shouldn’t be either. We take the trust and responsibility of our clients very seriously at Castlewood. We know that our prospective clients have many treatment centers for anorexia to choose from across the country when looking for help for themselves or a loved one. Castlewood cares about each client’s success and recovery from anorexia. Our anorexia treatment center staff is passionate about making a difference in each client’s life. Our anorexia treatment center provides the skilled therapeutic expertise and environment for the family therapy and education that is important for recovery from anorexia nervosa. We have family therapy experts on staff, and part of our intake process includes interviews with individual family members, to make sure that we fully understand how the eating disorder is affecting each part of the family. This individualized evaluation and ongoing treatment begins at intake and lasts into the aftercare period. Castlewood provides clients with an unparalleled combination of therapeutic environment and caregivers to help reach a sustained recovery from anorexia.

Why Castlewood Stands Out from Other Treatment Centers for Anorexia

Our clinical teams guide and support the client’s transition through the eating disorder continuum of care. Anorexia is a chronic condition, with complex underlying issues that take time and professional intervention and assistance to overcome. Clients require a careful progression of treatment. This normally begins with a higher level of intensity and monitoring, and transitions carefully into more autonomous treatment. True recovery from anorexia takes slow and supported progress. Castlewood’s clinicians are empathic to the difficulty of the recovery journey clients make. Castlewood’s anorexia treatment center professionals coordinate the client’s treatment and progress throughout this important continuum of care, to assure the best chance of recovery from their eating disorder. Castlewood provides eating disorder care in multiple locations. Clients receiving care in one of our treatment centers for anorexia can expect a beautiful and comfortable therapeutic environment. Treatment areas support both individual and group therapy, and our kitchens and dining areas are natural spaces to practice newly developed skills. Castlewood’s elegant residential facilities provide the physical and emotional rest that active treatment requires, with the degree of monitoring necessary for each client. Our treatment centers for anorexia are modern, comfortable, and have serene indoor and outdoor spaces for relaxation during off-treatment hours.

Castlewood’s Anorexia Treatment Center

Located in a lovely wooded setting near St. Louis, Missouri, Castlewood’s anorexia treatment center is one of the most highly regarded and respected eating disorder centers in the United States. Castlewood takes great pride in the depth and expanse of education and experience of our licensed clinicians, and in their compassion and skill in providing expert care to each client. Few treatment centers for anorexia offer the multidisciplinary range of care that Castlewood can provide. Both men and women struggle with anorexia nervosa. Castlewood provides customized client-centered treatment for anorexia nervosa clients age 16 and above. Co-occurring disorders such as anxiety, depression, trauma, self-harm behaviors, and addictions are also addressed during our professionally integrated, multidisciplinary anorexia treatment center.
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