Treatment for Anorexia Nervosa

Professional & Compassionate Anorexia Treatment

Castlewood Treatment Center provides expert anorexia treatment for this highly complex eating disorder. Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by:
  • Self-starvation
  • Severe restriction of food intake
  • Severe restriction of calories
  • Excessive weight loss (in severe cases)
Anorexia is a serious psychological disorder that goes well beyond simply out-of-control dieting. Professional treatment for anorexia nervosa is the only way for adolescents or adults to overcome these destructive eating behaviors, because no amount of dieting or starvation can satisfy their desire to be thin. In fact, anorexia is an eating disorder found in both men and women. Castlewood Treatment Center provides individualized anorexia treatment for both men and women.

Understanding Anorexia and Treatment for Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia nervosa is a refusal to maintain a normal body weight for one’s height. Despite sometimes significant weight loss, it is an intense fear of gaining weight or being fat. Often there is an extreme concern with body weight, shape, and size. The person with anorexia may initially being dieting in order to lose weight. But over time, the weight loss becomes an illusion of mastery and control. For some, it becomes a compulsion that is similar to drug addiction. Someone with anorexia begins to lose a realistic perspective of their appearance, because they have distorted opinions about their self-image. Anorexia isn’t about dieting, or even about food. The eating disorder becomes a way to cope with or express underlying emotions and issues. Treatment for anorexia nervosa helps clients understand what led to the eating disorder. Without specialized anorexia treatment, recovery is nearly impossible. If the extreme dieting continues, serious medical conditions develop.

Signs & Symptoms that Indicate Anorexia Treatment is Necessary

Anorexia nervosa has the highest mortality rate among all psychological disorders. Many symptoms of anorexia can have life-threatening consequences. Early recognition of the signs and symptoms of anorexia means that anorexia treatment can be started as soon as possible. Not all individuals with anorexia will have all of the same symptoms. Some of the most common signs and symptoms that family and significant others can be aware of are:
  • Restricting caloric intake to less than needed to maintain healthy ideal body weight
  • Following a severely limited diet, even if underweight
  • Forced vomiting or other compensatory behaviors like laxative use, diuretic use, or compulsive exercise
  • Absence of menstrual cycles for three or more consecutive months
  • Fear of eating in social places or in front of others
  • Increased isolation and symptoms of depression
  • Relentless pursuit of thinness
  • Obsessive thinking and talking about body weight, shape, size, or appearance
  • Obsessive thinking and talking about food and food-related activities
  • Rituals around body checking, exercise, or food
  • Loss of interest in activities and relationships
  • Body dissatisfaction, body image distortion
  • Chewing and spitting as an attempt to control weight
  • Taking in excessive amounts of fluid or restricting fluid intake
  • Use or abuse of diet pills, herbal supplements, or teas
Castlewood Treatment Center’s dedicated and highly trained clinicians understand how painful anorexia is on both the person with the disorder, and those who care for them. We provide multiple levels of care, and a wide spectrum of therapy approaches, making each client’s treatment plan fully individualized. Our dedicated eating disorder recovery center is beautiful, modern, and fully enhances the treatment process. Concerned that a loved one may need treatment for anorexia? Contact us now for the information, support, and compassionate care that is necessary for recovery from anorexia nervosa.
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