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Treatment Center Reviews

Castlewood is proud to be part of the recovery process with our clients. Many clients have provided reviews of Castlewood via our anonymous satisfaction survey. The latest comments from clients who recently completed our treatment program can be read below:


“Laura Wood is an amazing therapist and expressive therapist. The dieticians were great and really knew more than just the meal plan, they were truly interested in our recovery.” ~ 3/5/2014

“I absolutely loved my time at Castlewood. The staff was extremely caring and very nice. Everyone was very knowledgeable and more than willing to take the time to check in with us. Sydney and Lindsay at C1 stayed the night with us during a snowstorm, proving that staff is willing to go above and beyond to care for clients.  It’s truly unfortunate that my insurance didn’t allow me to stay longer. I learned more in my first week at Castlewood than I did during my entire stay at another facility. If I ever find myself needing a higher level of care, Castlewood will be my first choice.” ~ 3/4/2014

“Best treatment center, best people work here. “~ 2/28/2014

” I truly don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t come here. Actually it’s entirely possible i’d not be here…anywhere. I’ve never been to a treatment center so completely devoted to its clients. This place is truly something special, and I don’t see how I could recommend it more highly. In fact, I have already recommended it to friends at the outpatient program I was in before coming here. As I sit here thinking about leaving tomorrow, I have tears of sadness and joy. I haven’t had that in a long time. It’s a beautiful gift that Castlewood gave me and one that I will never be able to repay. Thank you to each Direct Care, administrative/support/kitchen staff, clinical staff and anyone who makes this building run 24/7. I am truly forever indebted to each of you!! ” ~2/20/2014

“I have been to two other treatment centers before, and castlewood was the best by far. “ ~2/13/2014

“Castlewood has changed my life for the better. I have been able to learn how to trust people for the first time. Before I had given up on all humanity. I am truly grateful. “~ 2/7/2014

“After being here I finally believe that long-term recovery from my eating disorder and trauma is possible! Thank you to everyone at Castlewood. It is a special place that will always hold a special place in my heart. “                 ~ 1/30/2014

“I always find the amount of compassion that staff at Castlewood provides is incredible. Not even just from my treatment team and direct care, but also going to the chefs, housekeeping, maintenance, and everyone in between. The staff at Castlewood is incredible, and everyone makes this place work far beyond a normal treatment facility. The fact that no one treats clients like anything other than humans is incredibly important to the recovery process. If it wasn’t for the staff, I’m not sure how much work I truly could have gotten done. I’ve had multiple therapists during my time at Castlewood, and everyone has helped me in ways that I could never truly describe. Castlewood has helped me see how important compassion truly is, and they have helped me see how I should have compassion towards myself.” ~ 1/7/2014

“Groups are extremely helpful, in that each one has purpose and are not just there to fill time. There are a variety of gifts and talents among the staff that help to make CW a balanced program.” ~12/31/2013

“I do appreciate the general consistency that Castlewood keeps for all clients in the community, as well as the individualized treatment approach that navigates specific needs. I have never before felt so much care, compassion, and genuine interest in my needs and well-being. Everyone on staff at Castlewood is evidently here because they care about the clients, and their love and wisdom have helped me save my own life. I couldn’t have the confidence in my desire or ability to recover if it weren’t for all the support I have had here. I have learned how to build trust with my treatment team and community at Castlewood, which has ultimately been the first step in trusting myself and internal process. I am infinitely grateful for the individuals of Castlewood, for believing in me until I could believe in myself. ” ~ 12/4/2013 

“My individual therapist, Steve, was a great fit for me. His approach was without judgement or preconception and enabled me to do the work and come to realizations myself instead of presenting me with answers himself so that I would have to filter through and determine what felt true for me. I never felt a need to be defensive. Any disagreement was constructive and led to further discussion and often new realization on both sides. I am extremely grateful and have a great deal of respect for his work.” ~ 11/20/2013

“I strongly believe the Castlewood is the 4 Seasons of treatment… and I would recommend this facility to anyone who suffers from disordered eating. Thank you!!” ~ 11/14/2013

“Castlewood is the best Treatment Facility I know of for those who suffer from eating disorders. An eating disorder doesn’t just come up out of the blue, there are underlying issues which cause the eating disorder. Castlewood is the only facility that I have come across that addresses those underlying issues while also treating the eating disorder at the same time. I would recommend Castlewood to anyone who has an eating disorder. The faculty and staff are wonderful and caring, and the grounds and scenery are beautiful. You aren’t just another number or patient with an eating disorder at Castlewood, you are treated as family. I have never felt safer in my life than I have here. Thanks to all the faculty and staff there for helping me through such a rough period in my life. Words can not begin to express my gratitude.” ~ 10/10/2013

“The best experience I have ever had in treatment. I felt so much compassion and care from all staff. It was a remarkable experience.”    ~ 10/8/2013

“My treatment team was exceptional and everyone at Castlewood – direct care, nurses, stepdown coordinator, etc. – go above and beyond. My therapist was especially compassionate, caring and knowledgeable, and helped me to find my voice and redefine my identity.” ~ 10/1/2013

“This was by far the best experience I could have hope for in a treatment clinic. Everyone was so wonderful it made it hard to leave at the end of my stay.” ~ 8/13/2013

“Castlewood is an excellent facility. Thanks for all of the help and support. I’ve had a life changing experience.” ~ 6/10/2013 

“The quality of care I experienced at Castlewood was unparalleled in any other setting I have ever experienced. The clinically sound, compassionate treatment I participated in at Castlewood has given me the priceless gift of my life back. I feel profound, lasting respect and gratitude for the professionals at Castlewood who have helped me develop the insight, tools and strength to live life truly in recovery.”
~ 6/7/2013 

“Castlewood staff and clients entered my life at some of the lowest moments and helped me to pull out of them. Because of my time at Castlewood, I am able to enjoy my life and safely continue on the road to recovery. Thank you all so much for helping me find the strength to continue the fight.” ~ 6/3/2013 

“The therapists are absolutely amazing at Castlewood, but I believe the clients get more out of the Direct Care staff because we spend so much time with them. It is impossible not to form a relationship with amazing people you trust, and the impact they make on our lives cannot even be explained in words. I am forever grateful to the Direct Care staff for all the stuff they put up with and all they do for the clients. I just love them. “~ 5/31/2013

“To my wonderful team who have helped save my life,
I was trying to think of the best way to thank you all, and there really aren’t words to express how truly grateful I am for the opportunity that I have had at Castlewood, and the time that each of you gave me.  It was with each of your help that I was able to move forward in my journey, and really experience deep, genuine healing. Click here to read entire entry. “~3/9/2013 

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