About Our Eating Disorder Treatment Center


"When I first heard about the Urge911 card about two years ago through a podcast, I knew that I HAD to download it and start using it with my clients ASAP! Sure enough, it's been a huge hit with my clients, and has helped so many of them to put into practice the necessary coping skills to navigate through an urge without acting on it while helping them gaining valuable insight about themselves and their needs throughout the process. I have seen with my clients how having a tangible card for them to look at when they're struggling with an urge helps them to be more mindful of their values in the moment and prevent them from simply acting on autopilot. I'd highly recommend for anyone working through any sort of behavioral struggle to utilize this card!" -

Click here to download the Urge911 Card

Urges can be strong and confusing. They are a combination of cognitive, physical and emotional sensations. The four steps of the URGE911 card will help you make different choices and rewire the brain. Watch the video below for an extended explanation and download the card below.

Recorded Webinar:  Managing Urges & Rewiring the Brain Presented by Travis Stewart, LPC

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