About Our Eating Disorder Treatment Center

Castlewood Alumni Program

"I want to thank you so much for all you have done since my discharge from CW six months ago. Time has flown by and I could never have imagined life being even half this good. I have literally never been happier in my entire life." -Paul B., Castlewood Alumnus

Castlewood is committed to helping our clients continue the recovery process even after they have discharged from our care. We have developed an alumni program for all clients who have successfully completed their treatment at Castlewood.

Alumni Events

Castlewood offers alumni events each year during which our alumni can participate in recovery oriented groups and activities. These weekend events include groups specifically tailored to the alumni and life after treatment, meals and community networking. For information on these events, upcoming schedule, and registrations information please contact Castlewood directly or sign up for our newsletter to get the most up to date information.  

Alumni Newsletter

Castlewood publishes a monthly alumni newsletter for former clients and their families.

Follow Up

After clients complete a comprehensive discharge plan with one of our discharge coordinators, our alumni relations coordinator begins follow up with clients. She contacts clients one month after discharge to discuss the adjustment to real life and any problems with their discharge plan. At one month intervals the alumni relations coordinator calls or emails clients and checks in on their progress post treatment. She facilitates this check in for six months post discharge. Clients can also participate in our research follow up program by filling out eating disorder inventories which are emailed to them by our research coordinator. In an effort to strengthen participation in our alumni weekend, website and follow-up program, Castlewood leadership and Board of Directors have decided that we will no longer provide three-day check-ins for discharged clients. It is our goal to help clients move into their new life and beyond Castlewood. If a client desires further treatment, they may contact the intake department and discuss options for a brief admission to our various programs. To contact intake, please call 1-888-822-8938.
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