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Male eating disorder treatment program

Local Blogger Attends Monarch Cove’s Eating Disorder Workshop

Local Blogger Attends Conference

Joe Kelly, a father, husband, author, speaker, and blogger, recently attended Monarch Cove’s Preferred Provider Workshop. He took some thoughts away from the conference, and shared them with his online community in a blog last week.

Nancy Albus spoke at the conference about love and relationships. At one point, she stressed the importance of talking to family members – male family members in particular- of eating disorder clients. Nancy gave real life examples of times therapists needed information, and the only person that could give her that information besides the client, was their partner.

Joe went on to say in his blog, “What I appreciate most about this anecdote is Nancy’s acknowledgement of how valuable—even essential—it is for therapists and other professionals to engage with the men in a client’s family. His information about her client is information she needs—and which she can’t realistically get anywhere else.”

Sometimes the client has a distorted view of reality, and it is the person that is intimately involved with the client that can paint a more accurate picture of the issues surrounding the eating disorder. Monarch Cove and Castlewood Treatment Center therapists recognize that understanding a client’s entire situation is vital to recovery, and regularly work with the family members and loved ones of clients.

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How To Break The Cycle Of Emotional Eating

Katie Thompson, MS, LPC, NCC joined Sarah Gleason and April Simpson on Afternoons on 11 to discuss the cycle of emotional eating and what to do if you should find yourself in this situation.

Watch the full segment here.

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Male Eating Disorders on the Rise


Even though many organizations are working to create public awareness about eating disorders, there is still much stigma and shame surrounding males seeking help for eating disorders. At Castlewood, we are working to eliminate as many of the barriers surrounding male seeking eating disorder treatment.

One way we help encourage men to seek treatment is to create a community of male clients and former clients who are willing to talk to those considering treatment. This community provides a strong support system and advocacy to men, because they understand firsthand the struggle and the difficulty to reach out for help. They understand the challenges and complexity of males seeking treatment.

Eating disorders origins are often similar among males and females, except that unfortunately it remains more socially acceptable for females to admit to suffering from the disease. Society now puts pressure on women and men alike to conform to a certain ideal, and this is leading many men to take drastic measures like crash dieting and exercising at an unhealthy level. Still, it is generally not as easy for men to find treatment as it is for women. Many treatment centers still don’t accept men but at Castlewood our mission is to offer care to both sexes struggling with an eating disorder.

The staff at Castlewood is working to educate the public through our talks and workshops about the prevalence of male eating disorders and the need for treatment. Others in the media are doing the same. One example is Brian Cuban, who battled body dysmorphic disorder and eating disorders. Brian got help for his disorders and wrote a book about his struggle. He will be talking about his book “Shattered Image” on the Katie Couric Show on the 19th November. Our society needs to encourage men like this who are willing to talk about their eating disorders and the way they overcame them.

Castlewood has created an effective treatment program for men with eating disorders, and we are seeing great results. For anyone struggling with an eating disorder, male or female, there is hope. Treatment is available, and we have successfully treated men and women with these disorders. The important thing is to take that first step and ask for help. Our strong support system will walk the individual through the entire recovery process, answer questions, and make them feel as comfortable as possible with treatment. The hardest part is making the call and once that is done we will do are best to put the process in motion that will allow the client to begin the recovery process as quickly as possible.

Castlewood therapist Katie Thompson and a former client recently spoke to local news channel KSDK about Male Eating Disorders. Read the report here or watch the interview below.

Eating Disorder Community Unites to End Weight-Based Bullying, Hopes to Involve First Lady Michelle Obama

An online petition asking First Lady Michelle Obama to decline her appearance on ‘The Biggest Loser’ television show has been posted on in order to end weight-based bullying. Castlewood is proud to participate in the efforts to stop weight based bullying. We are participating through social media and blogging to support the important message that the First Lady should not endorse The Biggest Loser and its weight stigma and shaming tactics.

In an email to those in the eating disorder community Lizabeth Wesely-Casella, Founder of lead the charge by stating, “weight based stigmatization & bullying will no longer be tolerated as entertainment or as a method to reduce body weight. There is absolutely no evidence supporting this as a strategy to lower weights and plenty of evidence showing higher weights, increased disordered eating, and eating disorders.”

Obama will be a featured guest on the show, which will air in November to promote the Let’s Move campaign in an effort to fight childhood obesity. With a short 10-day deadline, supports of the petition are seeking to obtain 25,000 digital signatures and will present a letter to Obama asking her to instead, “engage in a dialogue with the advocacy communities specializing in weight stigma.”

“We also want her to be clear that she must engage in conversation with those from the eating disorders, obesity, and various other communities to better understand what she is doing,” wrote Wesely-Casella.

Besides the First Lady the movement will be directed to media outlets and The Biggest Loser Show, its producers, and organizations that purchase commercial time around the show. Those in the eating disorder community are being encouraged to spread the word in social media using memes and a ‘mash up’ of 30 second videos which will be posted on Pinterest, YouTube and the on the petition site. was created as a social platform to encourage self-awareness and to educate and entertain in support of those who struggle with bingeing and impulse control disorders, specifically binge eating, hair pulling, binge drinking and binge shopping.

First Lady Michelle Obama Please Don’t Appear on The Biggest Loser


For more information about the petition and to see the official letter sent to The First Lady, please visit

IFS Conference

Written by Nancy Albus, LPC, NCC, CEDS

Castlewood is looking forward to once again participating in the IFS Conference, to be held October 24-27, 2013, in Providence, Rhode Island. The conference, which brings professionals together to learn and expand their knowledge about IFS psychotherapy, is one that Castlewood has been actively involved with for years.

Two of Castlewood’s staff will present at the IFS Conference: Katie Thompson, Lead Eating Disorder Therapist at Castlewood, and Erin McGinty, Anxiety Therapist and Program Director for Castlewood. Their topic of discussion will be IFS in Action: Unblending at the Table and Addressing Feared Stimuli in Eating Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Trauma and Other Addictions. Katie and Erin will talk about how IFS can be used in treating eating and anxiety disorders simultaneously.

The Internal Family Systems (IFS) model of therapy is just one method of treatment that is used at Castlewood. Our unique therapeutic approach involves utilizing diverse modalities and interventions for our clients’ recovery. We encompass different therapies and modalities that together provide the best treatment for clients. Not only do we use the evidence-based treatment of methods such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), but we also offer IFS and other elective methods. The therapists at Castlewood combine IFS with other therapy principles for the effective treatment of eating disorders.

Castlewood strives to offer the very best treatment for each client. We create an individualized treatment plan that helps meet each client’s needs for recovery. Our hope for the participation in the IFS Conference is to let other professionals know how Castlewood uses an integrated approach with IFS and other modalities, and also to see how others are using evidence-based techniques for treatment.

Preferred Provider Conference


Castlewood is planning an upcoming event at our St. Louis residential treatment center. On October 18-29, 2013, we will host a conference for individuals from around the country that are currently treating eating disorders in their private practices. These psychiatrists, licensed counselors, physicians, and other providers will come to Castlewood to hear from our staff about the treatment services we provide.

At the event, we will give insight on nutrition programs, the medical management of patients, and how we use things like drama and expressive art therapy in the treatment and healing of eating disorders. Our purpose is to educate providers about our treatment modality at Castlewood so that these professionals can leave with new knowledge about eating disorders and their treatment. At Castlewood, we believe that it takes a multi-dimensional team working together to treat the complexity and uniqueness that make up an individual’s eating disorder. All our different disciplines come together to create a beneficial treatment process for clients.

At our Preferred Provider Conference, we will open up our doors so that guests can see our full facility. Participants will tour the center and see where clients eat, sleep, and participate in programs. They will see the treatment process from start to finish.

Our goal with this conference is to encourage professionals to return home and represent to their clients what the treatment experience at Castlewood is like. We have a strong clinical foundation for treating eating disorders, and we want to showcase that for other professionals, so that when their client is contemplating entering residential treatment they will know exactly what to expect at Castlewood. We want to help eliminate all the unknowns for a client before they come here, because we know that there are many fears associated with accepting help from a treatment center that is unfamiliar and far away from home.

For more information about our upcoming conference, visit

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