About Our Eating Disorder Treatment Center

For the Client

Our dedicated intake professionals will be happy to answer any questions that you may have about treatment at Castlewood. To begin the admissions process, our clinicians will set up a FREE over-the- phone or face-to-face clinical intake assessment. This assessment typically takes around an hour and allows us to gather information pertaining to current ED symptoms, other clinical symptoms, as well as relevant life and family history. Our clinicians will also gather any relevant information from referring clinicians, family or friends as permission is granted from the potential client.  Once the intake assessment process is complete and has been reviewed by our clinical team, we can begin the admissions process. We understand that admitting to a facility is about more than choosing an admission date and making arrangements. It involves careful consideration of a client’s history and symptoms so they can be matched with the proper therapist and therapeutic community. At Castlewood we take the time to get to know each potential client, and examine their personal story, in order to match them with a primary therapist and the proper therapeutic community either at Castlewood I or Castlewood II. Castlewood is not always the most appropriate treatment center to address a client’s unique needs. In these instances, our intake clinicians will help you find a treatment resource that can help you achieve lasting recovery.

Paying for Treatment

It is also important to help potential clients determine financial responsibilities and resources. As you explore a higher level of care, our intake specialists and business office serve as the liaison between you and third-party payers, to ensure that insurance benefits are fully leveraged to make treatment financially accessible. Prior to admission our team will make every effort to verify insurance benefits, and educate clients and their families about possible financial obligations associated with eating disorders treatment. For more information about financial responsibilities and Castlewood insurance contracts visit our financial information section.

Admission Requirements

After Castlewood has reviewed the clinical assessment, and insurance benefits or other financial resources, we can begin the admissions process. We will work with you to determine a date of admission that works with you and your schedule. Prior to admission the client will need to work with his/her physician to complete and provide Castlewood with this documentation:
  • History and Physical
  • Lab Blood Work
  • Urinalysis
  • Urine Drug Screen
  • EKG
  • Bone Density Scan
  • TB PPD
The blood work, urinalysis, urine drug screen, and EKG cannot be more than 7 days old at the time of admission, to ensure that we provide quality medical oversight. The specific lab check list and forms can be downloaded from our Admission Forms page. All medical information must be faxed to Castlewood 24 hours prior to admission for our medical team to review.

For more information about Admission to Castlewood please contact us at 888-822-8938

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