About Our Eating Disorder Treatment Center

Seeking Treatment

At Castlewood, we understand the anxiety involved in choosing to seek treatment for your eating disorder.  It takes great courage to reach out for support.  This makes it essential that when you do reach out for help, you are greeted with compassion and understanding. For more information about Admission to Castlewood, please contact us at 888-822-8938 or fill out the form on this page.

Questions to ask when evaluating a treatment facility

In order to help you make your decision, we have provided a list of questions to ask when evaluating a treatment facility. Do they offer a complete continuum of care, so you’re not just taken from being under guided professional care, to suddenly being sent home, all on your own?
  1. Do they have dietitians who develop unique programs, well-suited to each individual client?
  2. Do they offer individual attention, as well as group therapy?
  3. Do they work with families one-on-one, as opposed to just group interaction, and do they deal with the unique needs of each family?
  4. Do they offer behavioral therapies for obsessive/compulsive disorders?
  5. What are the adjunctive therapies offered to help clients operate more effectively in the world?
  6. What’s the environment like? Is it a building that looks and feels like a hospital, or is it more of a home-like, healing environment?
  7. How many years has the therapists and dietitians been working in the field of eating disorders?
  8. Has the facility retained its Core Staff, with little turnover?
  9. Do they treat only eating disorder clients? Or are eating disorder clients mixed in with other clients that are receiving treatment for other things?
  10. Do they provide a treatment “program”? Or a treatment “track”?
  11. Do clients eat in a cafeteria or in a smaller, dining room setting? Are specialized foods prepared specifically for eating disorder clients, with each client receiving a personalized meal plan?

Click here for more information on the admissions process.

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