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NEDAwareness: It’s Time To Talk About It. -Castlewood Alumna Kimi Gravlin

"Eight years have passed since I started my road to recovery from an eating disorder. Every February, when Eating Disorder Awareness Week comes around I feel indescribable gratitude for my health and my recovery. But, I feel even more grateful for my family who loved me unconditionally, my friends who made the difficult choice to speak up, and the professionals at Castlewood Treatment Center who all played a huge role in my recovery. I often find myself taking my health and wellbeing for granted, forgetting that it was something I once had to fight so hard for. Eight years seems like such a long time ago and sometimes I feel like I can't make as much of a difference in raising awareness because it has been so long, or that I've already said what I could say about my own experience. But, I still see a lack of awareness and understanding of complex world of mental illness and eating disorders, specifically. I am so excited to see that St. Louis is one of the cities lighting up their buildings next week in blue and green to help raise awareness about eating disorders!"
"Early intervention is key, so if this post helps even one person recognize an eating disorder in themselves or a loved one or helps give someone the courage to seek help, it is worth it. has a multitude of resources for people suffering from an eating disorder, their loved ones, or even just the general public to help them become more informed and aware of this mental health issue. #NEDAwareness" - Castlewood Alumnus Kimi Gravlin