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Mental Health Month

It’s always a good idea to consider your mental health, and to do what you can do to preserve your own wellbeing. This month is an especially great time to think through these issues, however, because it’s Mental Health Month. All of May has been set aside to raise awareness about mental health and related issues. One of the best ways you can honor Mental Health Month is to take care of your own mental wellbeing—but how? Consider some of these important steps:
  • Get screened for depression, anxiety, and other potential mental health disorders. You have nothing to lose. Screenings are free, anonymous, and painless. Take a few minutes to take stock.
  • If you need a mental health provider, make it a top priority to find one. Find someone you can talk to candidly about your concerns, and get the help you need. You can get a referral from your primary care doctor; you can also contact us for resources in your area.
  • Educate yourself about mental health issues. Take some time to read blogs from us, from NAMI, or from another reputable mental health organization or care center.
  • Talk to someone. Find a friend or a family member who you can lean on. Open up about your concerns, or share past struggles with mental health issues. Sharing your story can be a healing thing in and of itself.
  • Find a support group where you can be nurtured and supported. You can get good local contacts from your therapist or a local chapter of NAMI.
There’s never a bad time to focus on mental health. The Month of May happens to be a particularly good one. Think about your own mental health today—and encourage your loved ones to do likewise! How will you honor Mental Health Month? Tell us!