Castlewood Eating Disorder Treatment Center Blog

Don’t Worry About Failure

It is only natural to fear failure. As human beings, we do not like making mistakes; we do not like messing things up; and we certainly do not like our plans to blow up in our faces. Yet it happens: Failure is just part of being a person—and when you are undertaking something as important as eating disorder recovery, failure can feel all the more pronounced. As such, those going through recovery need a change in perspective. Instead of worrying about failure, try worrying about the chances you miss when you do not even try. That is the real danger in recovery—not falling on your face, but failing to summon the courage to begin at all. When we allow that fear to run our lives, we miss out on key opportunities—but recovery requires us to make ourselves open to those opportunities. Here are some ways to do that:
  • Always look for opportunities in tough situations; instead of having a victim mentality, have a mentality of seeking silver linings and new beginnings.
  • Get rid of the things that are holding you back—toxic relationships or bad habits that make you more fearful as opposed to more open.
  • Strike up a conversation with someone you do not know—maybe someone standing in front of you in the coffee line—and try to learn something new.
  • Be intentional about learning a new skill—a musical instrument, a dance move, a craft, or something else.
  • Take walks around your community, and simply open your eyes and ears for new observations.
  • Volunteer somewhere; put your empathy into action on behalf of someone else.
Open yourself up to new experiences and new opportunities—and do not let a fear of failure hold you back. Remember: Your biggest concern should be the chances you miss because you don’t even try. How do you push past your fear of failure? Share with us on Facebook!