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Alumni Weekend: A Recovery Strengthening Experience

Castlewood hosts alumni weekends and day long events at our various locations throughout the year. These events are aimed to help strengthen the recovery process and help former clients continue toward personal growth. These free events include group experiential and time for processing what the recovery process looks like at various stages. Our alumni always share that the events remind them of the work they did, how far they have come as well as challenge them to take the next steps in their recovery process. After the February events, some of our alumni shared about their experiences. We invite you to read some excerpts below:   St. Louis Event
The weekend was a helpful step in my recovery process. It was well organized and thought out in a way that would be most beneficial to our needs. The motivation and encouragement I feel after being a part of these weekends is always well worth my time.
"I feel it was very well organized and I was able to make connections to old friends from CW as well as new friends."
I found the weekend to be quite beneficial and a wonderful time to reconnect with others and self. I loved the small groups...I found them to be the most beneficial due to processing life struggles and receiving feedback from peers as well as a "Castlewood-trained" therapist. Despite not knowing the majority of therapists this weekend, I still felt like they genuinely cared and wanted to offer their support.
  Monarch Cove
I felt like that the format and the people who attended were vulnerable and open, and the organization showed intentionality and reflection. I would like to see more of these types of days - it is important for our recovery to meet with others in this intentional way.
"I loved how therapeutic the day was. Similar structure to program and family week days. A reminder of what treatment used to be like. For me, I personally liked it being at Casa Munras since I was familiar with the setting. I also found it helpful to have two meals with the group and having therapists and DC's eat with us even if we didn't process the meal, etc. Most of all, I loved having the same various therapists run the different groups that were in program. Since I did well in the program, everything that resembled program reminded me of the work I did and reinforced what I want my life to be like. Thanks!"
I loved it. Wish I could have seen more people. I'm very happy we can all get together once a year to connect. Thanks
"It was good to see everyone and a good sort of reminder of why I want recovery and things I learned in treatment. I would love to see it be a two day event."
The atmosphere was great, as well as the groups. Loved seeing the staff and reconnecting with others from treatment.

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