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How to Embrace Self-Love

It’s easy to love someone who supports you, who encourages you, who shows you kindness… someone who loves you back. It’s much harder to love someone who disappoints you, who constantly lets you down, or even who shows you cruelty. In much the same way, it’s easier to feel good about yourself during seasons of success. When things aren’t going so well—when you’re struggling with your recovery, breaking promises to yourself, or just generally flailing—it can be much more difficult to show self-love. But of course, those are the times when you need to love yourself the most. So what can you do to embrace self-love even during the rough patches and the bad days?
  • Give yourself credit for the little wins: You may be going through a difficult season, but look for some ways in which you are succeeding, even on a small scale. Give yourself a pat on the back for these things.
  • Be patient with yourself: Remind yourself that you are a work in progress, and that every day brings new struggles and new opportunities. Nobody else expects you to have it all together all of the time, so you shouldn’t expect that of yourself, either.
  • Spend time with yourself: Develop a ritual of self-love, even if it is something as simple as rubbing your feet. Don’t slack off in this ritual during rough times; if anything, spend more time with it.
  • Surround yourself with people who encourage you: Do not isolate yourself; reach out, and be open and honest about your struggles. If you’re in therapy or if you attend a support group, make it a foremost priority to keep making it to those meetings.
  • Spend time each day actively practicing gratitude: reflect on the things you do have going well for you—the things you are thankful for—and list them in your diary or journal.
Self-love can be tough sometimes—but it’s during those tough times that you need it most. How do you show self-love, even during difficult seasons? Let us know on Facebook!