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How to Stop Binge Eating: Steps You Can Take Starting Today

The most common eating disorder in the United States today is binge eating. Although it can be treated in an outpatient setting and there may not be a medical emergency to signal a serious problem, binge eating disorder (BED) remains responsible for health risks, as sufferers are more likely to be severely overweight. The dangers from this eating disorder affect men, women, children and adolescents of all races, and levels of education and income. Binge eating differs from bulimia and anorexia, in that the individuals do not purge or withhold food afterwards to counteract the binges. However, binge eating is still considered an unhealthy weight control behavior. Treatment is essential and the earlier it’s sought, the more likely a successful recovery will occur. Find the courage to start today. There are steps to take that can give you command over your health as you learn new habits for good nutrition. When you seek professional guidance with binge eating, we will work with you to identify which of the many evidence-based treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy; mindfulness based interventions and certain family therapies or individual psychotherapies, will work best in your recovery plan. Your attitude is super important. Come prepared to these sessions to learn and participate fully to get the most benefit. If you are attending an outpatient program, we may also provide group sessions or medications to address your specific health needs and eating disorder. Another action you can take is to investigate how a 12-step program can help. Starting today you have the freedom to choose steps that work for you on your path to recovery from your eating disorder. Keep the conversation going by commenting here, and then sharing your personal affirmations on Instagram using hashtag #WhatIsRecovery. Your affirmation may be what someone else is seeking as a guide in their own recovery!