Castlewood Eating Disorder Treatment Center Blog

Transitioning Back into Real Life After Recovery

After spending time in an eating disorder treatment program, the transition back to the real world can be a crucial one. It’s important to consider the methods that were working in the treatment setting in order to carry those into everyday routines at home. We have composed a short list of what is most effective in treatment that you can continue to create on your own.
  1. Structure and Support!
Having a plan, including one for meals, recovery groups and therapy is an essential place to start. Being able to check in with people you can trust and be honest with, and keeping to the structure even when you aren’t in the mood, will promote strength and resolve. By making treatment and recovery a continued priority and dealing with the issues as they come up, you will safeguard yourself against sliding back.
  1. Practice being self-aware of thoughts and feelings.
It’s important to be willing to continue to develop a healthy self-check with how you’re feeling, what you need and the dialogue going on inside your head. Eat healthy regular meals, replace negative self-talk with acceptance, and honor your feelings. You may find certain routines you once had aren’t going to work in recovery, and that’s okay.
  1. Engage yourself in the moment.
Remember to have fun and enjoy the activities that make you feel the best. Schedule time for things like creative expression, reading, walking your dog or maybe swimming. One of the most rewarding benefits of recovery is being able to fully engage yourself again with what makes you happy. By bringing the best practices you learn in the treatment setting with you when you return to the pace of real life, you can continue to see progress toward a healthier mind, body and spirit. Recovery is one of the toughest challenges a person can face in their life, so treat yourself gently and acknowledge the progress you have already made. Keep the conversation going by commenting here, and then sharing your personal affirmations on Instagram using hashtag #NoFilter. Your affirmation may be what someone else is seeking as a guide in their own recovery!