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Making a Positive Shift for Body Image in Summer

The summer season tends to bring out terms like “bikini body ready” which can make it a difficult time to nurture overall wellbeing, particularly if struggling with an eating disorder. Castlewood’s recent infographic on Summer Body Image shows that it is possible to change any negative focus away from body image stressors, and promote physical and emotional self-care for a positive experience through the summer. One of the key ways to enjoy the season is to surround yourself with positive people. Research shows that happiness can be exponentially contagious, meaning happiness positively influences others as well as your own wellbeing. Positive close relationships in life will tend to be made of people who value who you really are on the inside. Unlike the material aspects of life, which can be shifting and unpredictable, people receive mood benefits and gratification from close interpersonal relationships, which continue well past the time they are acquired. In some cases, poor body image and low self-esteem are derived from painful life experiences, and having a support system at work will be a healthy counterbalance to old thinking patterns derived from past trauma. While summer tends to invoke a need to look perfect for swimming and sports, it’s important to remember there is no right way to look while having fun. By taking the focus off appearances, focusing on what the body can do, even being goofy at times, will inspire confidence and good spirits through the activities summer provides. While it’s impossible to develop a positive body image by snapping the fingers, it is important to continue the practice of tolerance and self-care, especially during more challenging times. By taking some important measures to ensure healthy and meaningful occasions throughout the season, you can enjoy the summer season for more than bikinis.

Summer Body Image Issues

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