Castlewood Eating Disorder Treatment Center Blog

The Empowerment Approach to Treatment

The last 15 years have given Castlewood the experience to appropriately empower our clientele to take recovery into their own hands. Our treatment goal is to promote a recovery that is self-sustaining, out of the treatment setting and into real-life. The environment and support at Castlewood provides the foundation for taking charge of a healthy and fulfilling life again. The empowerment approach to treatment means our clients are part of the treatment process. They create their own assignments, are a part of the pre-contract, and discuss in an open setting their accomplishments. Client’s cell phones or computers are not taken away from them when they enter treatment, allowing the opportunity to integrate everyday routines with the learning and experience of treatment. Castlewood’s nutritional philosophy is also empowering to the individual through the practice of mindful based eating. Beginning treatment is a process of stabilization and reestablishing healthy parameters, so this will entail strict guidelines about food. However, the long term goal through learning mindfulness based eating in treatment is to take the power out of food, and begin to associate it with fuel for the body’s health. Being mindful means being fully present and aware, in-the-moment, and without judgment. When it comes to eating, mindfulness helps an individual to accurately decode the body’s feedback about hunger and taste. Mindfulness is also helpful to become more aware of patterned thinking, and change negative cycles. The goal of the nutritional model is to not do exchanges, but to create an environment that helps clients begin to get in touch with a new relationship with eating. Clients at Castlewood will eventually learn not to measure food, but produce a healthy meal for themselves. Castlewood are leaders in the field of doing mindfulness based eating approach and empowering clients to achieve their full potential in recovery.