Castlewood Eating Disorder Treatment Center Blog

The Castlewood Difference: Treating the Whole Person

Throughout Castlewood’s 15 years in the field of eating disorder recovery, our mission has been to treat individual clients, taking into account the whole person; body, mind, spirit and all aspects of lifestyle. Through recognizing how an eating disorder may affect other areas of an individual’s life, it’s possible to provide a truly individualized continuum of care which sustains long lasting results. The Castlewood Difference is illustrated through the relationship between the client, therapist, medical practitioners, and nutritionists, where the goal is the client’s health and well-being. At Castlewood, co-occurring trauma, mental health conditions and addictions can be evaluated for how they contribute to one another and can contribute to an eating disorder relapse cycle. Instead of treating each concern as separate, they are evaluated for their interconnectivity. Castlewood’s multidisciplinary treatment team work together to create a safe environment for growth and development of a healthy lifestyle and relationship with food. Our staff is dedicated to creating a caring and nurturing setting for all clients and staff. Many of our clients describe reaching a level of recovery they hadn’t yet been able to achieve, because they finally feel safe. Creating a safe environment with expert eating disorder services in multiple locations, we have also sought beautiful home-like structures that are unique, and natural, blending harmoniously with their surroundings. Our Centers reflect the compassion and caring demonstrated by everyone, with the ambiance of a healing community and sanctuary. Our first, original residential eating disorder treatment center is located in a beautiful wooded area, near one of Missouri’s most beautiful State Parks. This refreshing and serene environment promotes the interconnectivity underlying the promise to treat the whole person, not simply the eating disorder. Through 15 years of experience, Castlewood has excelled at creating positive client outcomes and success in recovery. We will be celebrating this special event all month long, with this special blog series about how far Castlewood has come in 15 years. How far have you come in your recovery? Share your story with us on Facebook or leave a comment on this page.