Castlewood Eating Disorder Treatment Center Blog

Making a Change with Process Orientated Groups

Castlewood’s 15 years of experience have demonstrated that our clients have the greatest chance for recovery when we involve both the individual and their family or support system in an in depth level of communication and therapy. Beginning at intake, Castlewood’s professional clinicians meet with clients and each involved family member or source of support. Through understanding perspectives of the eating disorder, as well as personal issues and concerns regarding the effects, our treatment approach centers on bringing about lasting changes in recovery. In our treatment setting, clients take part in Agenda Lead Groups, where they have an opportunity to present an assignment that they’ve worked through with their therapist at a group level. This provides each client with the chance to receive feedback and support, allowing the group to relate back to their own experience, contributing to and aiding their own processing. Agenda Lead Groups encourage identifying commonalities, reducing shame and creating interpersonal connections. Castlewood has been leading the way with the innovation of Agenda Lead, process based groups. These promote the sense of community through getting to the roots of what’s going on with an individual and participating in confronting and supporting one another. The process is continued in Family Week, where families are brought right into the treatment course. Each individual family or support member has the chance to work individually with a therapist before coming together for the family group. In this way each person has an opportunity to process independently before coming together to communicate and understand as a family. Larger family groups are where all the families present for Family Week are together, and have the opportunity to talk with each other about their experiences. This helps reduce the shame within families about eating disorders. Clients and their families begin to see that this isn’t something just going on with them, or that there is fault to assign. Castlewood’s dedication to in depth processing over the last 15 years has demonstrated strength in individuals and families coming together, and by coming into recovery together to begin true healing. We will be celebrating this special event all month long, with this special blog series about how far Castlewood has come in 15 years. How far have you come in your recovery? Share your story with us on Facebook or leave a comment on this page.