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Celebrating 15 years of Individually Tailored Treatment

Approaching our 15th anniversary since opening, Castlewood has taken the opportunity to take a look back on how far we have come, developing effective treatment and promoting recovery and advocacy. Through a dedication to high quality care and the success of our clients, Castlewood has been in a position to become a leader in the field of eating disorder treatment, and a center for excellence. Experience over the years has taught us that our clients defy simple categorization or a standardized therapy modality. Eating disorders are both psychological health and physical health issues, and require more than just weight gain and nutritional counseling to overcome. Complex family, social, and individual psychological issues as well as potential biochemical predispositions can often contribute to the development of eating disorders. Castlewood’s philosophy is about more than a temporary absence of eating disorder symptoms. Our mission is not to churn out weight-restored clients, but to identify and address underlying issues and aid in healing the internal wounds of our clients. In this way, Castlewood Treatment Center has set the standard for individually tailored approaches by providing fully customizable treatment. Through our innovative design, each client is able to collaborate with their treatment team and create a plan with unique goals, objectives, assignments and interventions. Castlewood’s fully customizable treatment approach is psychotherapy based with a high number of individual therapy sessions. This foundation allows our treatment approach to go beyond the medical model, and into the roots of disordered eating to create lasting change. We provide specific therapy and treatment approaches for eating disorders, as well as co-occurring mental health disorders. Castlewood Treatment Center’s ongoing dedication to the success of each individual client is the foundation of 15 years of achievements for eating disorder recovery. We will be celebrating this special event all month long, with this special blog series about how far Castlewood has come in 15 years. How far have you come in your recovery? Share your story with us on Facebook or leave a comment on this page.